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Montopia for iOS and Android: Tips on how to get more coins and Cash

Montopia is Zynga’s first attempt at releasing a card battling RPG. It’s been out for awhile in Japan (predictably, as it was developed by Zynga Japan), but it took awhile to translate into English, and considering that Zynga has big bucks to spend, it’s no surprise that the translation was done pretty well. Montopia has two forms of currency. One of them is coins, which are your normal, main form of currency. Cash is the premium currency of the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

There are a lot of ways to get coins in this game. The two most lucrative ways to get coins are the following. One of them is to do this: Go to battle mode and look for someone to fight. The game will show you how many coins everybody has in the list of potential opponents, so pick whoever has the most coins. Or, better yet, simply reload the list until you get someone with a ridiculous amount of coins, like 200,000 coins. When you beat someone in a battle you get around 1/10 of their coins, so you’ll get a LOT of coins from people like this.

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Fulfill the quests and goals that are in the Monstapedia, and go there to collect your rewards. Doing this will earn you a LOT of coins at once, especially as you rack up multiple 10,000 coin rewards and collect on them at once. However, you can also put off collecting on them until you really need them, as you don’t want to lose them to rival players if they beat you.

Start selling cards that you don’t need, as well, if you want to make more coins. Usually, the cards that are worth the most will be the ones that require the most spirit points to use.

As far as Cash goes, the only way to get more Cash in Montopia is to buy it. Currently, there is nothing that can earn you free cash, although later in the game, for the advanced folks, they might add cash rewards to some of the harder tasks in the Monstapedia.


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