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Montopia for iOS and Android: How to change your formation and set different monsters as leaders

In Zynga’s new card battle RPG Montopia, the formation is one of the most important things for you to know how to customize. Your attack and defense depend on your formation, and if you don’t change anything or know how to make it work, the game will set it for you. While the game usually does a good job at automating your formation, sometimes, you can do better, so read on to find out how.

First off, your formation depends on how many attack spirit and defense spirit points you have. Any monster that you have requires a certain number of spirit points, anywhere from 1 point all the way up to 50. You can spend your ability points on having more spirit points, and thus power up your formation.

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Normally, the game chooses your formation for you, with the exception of your designated leader card, who is always in your formation no matter what. The most immediate change you can make is to set a new card as your leader card for both your attack and defense formations. To do this, go to the menu, then to “your monsters” and find the monster who you want to be your leader. Your leader should be one of your non-leader monsters who is auto set into your formation, preferably the strongest one there. Tap the monster, and then on the next menu tap “select as leader”.

To customize your formations, go to the “your monsters” area again, and then go to any monster that you want in your team that isn’t automatically in there. Go back to the monster’s profile, and tap either the “Attack” or “Defense” button depending on what formation that you want them in. Repeat this process with any monster that you specifically wnat on a team of yours.

Next, go back to the monster menu, then tab over to “attack” and “defense” and set the priority levels of each monster on your attack and defene teams. Once you do this, the game will make room for the ones that have the highest priority in each formation. If you want to put any monster back to normal/no priority, then set their priority level to the lowest possible.

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