Mother of Myth – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Mother of Myth is a new cross-platform action RPG for iOS, Android, and PC. It’s one of the few RPGs to take place within the Greek mythology world (obviously Norse mythology is far more common in RPGs). You get to pick your own character, then go through numerous dungeons on a quest to unfold the story ahead. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mother of Myth!

Keys are your “energy”, and one key is used every time that you play a quest or a dungeon. If you want to get your keys back right away without spending any crystals, then set the time ahead on your phone. Set it ahead by half an hour per key that you need to get back. Then, go back to the game and your keys will be back. After you do that, go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal, and go back to Mother of Myth. Your free keys will still be there.

Despite only having one character, you have loads of customizations you can do. Most importantly, you have four different skills which are activated by different swipe shapes – a straight line, a V, a circle, and a lightning bolt shape. Utilize all four of these skills as often as possible for the biggest advantage in battle, especially against tough opponents.

Even with all of this, you’re going to have a tough time with plenty of stages. If that’s the deal, then go back to an older stage and play it over, and keep doing this in order to gain experience levels, get stronger, and earn more coins and gems, as well as some more craft items.

Take your gold and use it to purchase more weapons, armor and other goodies, but if you can’t afford them, make use of all of those enhancement stones that you earn in quests. Save your advanced stones for as long as you can because they will help when your chance of a successful enhancement with a normal stone drops below 40 percent.

Save up your crystals so that you can spend them on rare weapons and armor that will give you huge enhancements. Don’t waste them on keys and other things that won’t last long.

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