Skip to Content 2: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide 2 is the sequel to the old smash-hit for the iOS and Android platforms by Voodoo. While the old one moved in a square direction, this one moves in all directions, and the stage itself is round instead of square. Read on for some tips and tricks for 2!

The way to take over space on the board is to move into the neutral space and then move back into your color. Once you close off the shape, then that space will be added to your territory. That space is yours until you die or until another player takes over your space. Make sure to go back into your territory before another player cuts your line and takes you out.

To stop another player from taking over your space, crash through their transparent line if they are outside of their own territory. You’ll snip the line and knock them completely off the board. If someone does this to you, likewise, your run is over, but you can watch an ad video to get an extra life. You’ll come back with the same territory shape, and the same percentage score

If you crash headfirst into another player in white (neutral) territory, then both of you will be dead unless you get back into your territory within one square of the hit. If you crash headfirst into another player inside of your own territory, their run will be over and your run will continue. Many players don’t realize this, so lure players into your own territory by pretending that you aren’t paying attention to them if you want to earn some easy kills.

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Often you’ll see other players lose not because they get cut by another player, but because they get cut by themselves. So be sure to avoid doing this to yourself. When you’re taking new land, a smart way to go is to find peninsulas and other formations in your land that are conducive to doing quick, large land grabs. They’re good because you can grab a lot of land with small effort and risk.

Be very aggressive and try to cut other players often. Don’t avoid them; go for the kill every time. Each one that you execute shrinks the field of play by one, and if you manage to cut every single one of them, then you have an easy road to 100%.