Poke Crisis: List of Pack Exchange Codes and How To Find More Codes

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Poke Crisis is a new unofficial RPG based off of the Pokémon universe for the iOS and Android platforms. You can play as your own customized trainer in the Pokémon world that you know and love from the old school game boy days, collect a huge batch of Pokémon, and earn coins and gems as you go.

There are a ton of ways to earn new rewards in this game, with one of them being the use of pack exchange codes. Pack exchange codes can be exchanged for upgrade items, coins, gems, and a whole lot more.

Read on it for a full list of pack exchange codes, as well as tips on how to find more of them!

One way to find these codes before anybody else does is the official Facebook and Twitter feeds of the developers, as well as any other social media pages that they might manage. Developers often use their social media feeds to promote the game, and often these promotions include promotional codes, such as pack exchange codes.

Be sure to check each feed individually though, as they very well may post codes on one feed, but not on the other. This is especially true if the code comes from a promotion, such as liking or sharing a post enough times, or retweeting a tweet enough times. For those kind of contests, they’re not going to post the code in two different places.

Additionally, Reddit is typically the best source for promo codes, gift codes, and other codes for games like this, and pack exchange codes for this game are no exception. Look for the Subreddit to this game, search around, and you’ll more than likely see pack exchange codes posted.

Discord is the chat app that not only is most used by Redditors, but also tends to be the most used by gamers, especially players of Gacha games like this. Search around for a channel that is related to this game, and when you find it, scroll up and down all of the feeds in the channel for pack exchange codes for Poke Crisis.

Do you have an outside shot at finding more of these codes simply by asking the developers for them. This especially tends to work after a period of server errors or unusual latency and lag. If you have a tech-support question for the developers about something that has hampered your ability to play the game, often times they will send you a pack exchange code as compensation.

Be sure to check the comment section of this article as well. Our readers tend to be very active when it comes to posting gift codes, or posting want to particular code is expired. So if you find a promo code that we haven’t listed, posted in the comments and will add it, or just look around the comments for other codes that people have added.

Right now, Poke Crisis is a brand new game, so the developers haven’t had a chance to put out any promo codes yet. Keep searching the internet, and we will keep scouring all known channels for promo codes and pack exchange codes. When we see them, we will be the first to post them.

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