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Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys – List of Safe Codes and How To Get More

Monkeynauts is a new idle merging game for the iOS and have android platforms. You run a space station full of monkey astronauts, and when you merge monkeys together, you can evolve them even further into more lucrative monkey astronauts.

Throughout the game you can earn a significant amount of coins, gems, and other goodies, while unlocking a nearly endless number of new monkeys by continuing to merge them. You can even get some free goodies by entering Safe Codes, which are special codes that allow you to get free coins and gems, and are usually given out by the developers.

Read on for a list of safe codes and how to get more of them in Monkeynauts!

Before you start finding safe codes, first it helps to know how to get to the screen where you enter them. To do that, click on the menu button in the top left corner of the screen, tap on the icon that looks like a safe, and you will then be prompted to enter a code.

Once you get here, enter your safe code. It doesn’t matter whether the code is uppercase, lowercase, or both; the codes are not case sensitive.

One of the best sources for safe codes is the official social media of the developer, Hyperbeard Games. You’ll find their Facebook and Twitter pages lint off of the safe code is scream, so tap those and scroll through their feed, looking for Monkeynauts safe codes.

Often times the developers will hold a contest to see if a certain post can be liked or shared or retweet in a specific number of times. When the post reaches the mile stone, which it usually does, they will give out a safety code, which typically can then be entered a limited amount of times.

The safe codes that are limited are limited globally, So if they are entered the maximum number of times, whether it be 500 or 40,000, they won’t work anymore. However, so I’m safe codes also have a time span, while others, very rarely, can be entered forever.

Safe codes may also be given out around the holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, or New Year’s. They can also be given out to commemorate the launch of a new game by the same publishers.

Another excellent source for safe codes is to check Reddit, since there is likely to be a Subreddit for every game imaginable. When players find safe codes, they’ll post them up on the sub Reddit, then you can try them in the game and see if they were.

Still another excellent source is Discord. This chat app is the main one used by gamers, and players of Monkeynauts are no exception. Look for a Monkeynauts channel and look for players to have shared safe Codes on that channel.

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Right now, there are no known safe codes in Monkeynauts, but bookmark this article and we will post up all of the ones that we can find. These articles are constantly updated. If you have a working safe code, posted in the comments, and I will add it to the article.


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