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Pokémon GO – Individual Value and Moves Guide – Secret Statistics, Explanations and Calculations, Page 2

While each move has a visible damage number, the speed of the move is arguably more important than the damage that it does. That’s because mixing the speed and the damage together, you get the DPS (Damage Per Second) of the move, which is the single defining statistic that determines the effectiveness of the move. That, combined with the type advantages and disadvantages, shows how powerful a move truly is.

That is exactly why Vaporeon is so grossly overpowered – not only does it have a sky high CP with great individual value ranges, but its common quick move, Water Gun, has a super high DPS rating, making it easy to quick move an opponent without even having to use your special move.

You can find the damage calculator for every move in the game here This tells you the damage, speed, and DPS. As you can see, Psycho Cut is the best quick move, but Mud Shot, Lick, Scratch and Water Gun are not far behind at all. Keep in mind the other highest quick moves of each type, for the maximum possible advantage against your competition.

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The critical chance is so low for almost every move here is to make it not even worth it to take into account. The time statistic shows how long it takes for a move to fire off; slower moves are easier for your opponent to dodge, or for you to dodge if the moves are being used against you. Energy shows, for quick moves, the base number of energy that is added to your special move bar (for quick moves) or used up from the special move bar when you attack with a special move.

Type advantages and disadvantages don’t have as big of an impact in this game as they do in the Game Boy games. Type advantages already make a big enough difference that if they were to be more powerful, they might become the deciding stat for most fights. A “super effective” stat has been found to do 1.25x the damage, and a “not very effective” attack has been found to do 0.8x the damage.

This is true even if you have a dual-type advantage or disadvantage. This means that with the right IV and move set, you stand a fighting chance even when you’re at a major type disadvantage. However, also take into account that manual timing – knowing when to dodge and when to attack – is going to decide fights for you, handing you wins when you’re at an IV and type disadvantage and handing you losses even with a move set and IV advantage.

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