Spellfall – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Spellfall is a new puzzle RPG by Backflip Studios, and in a genre that’s become increasingly crowded by Puzzle and Dragons ripoffs, this game manages to actually bring something unique to the table. Your goal is to fight through a huge number of stages, using some of your favorite Candy Crush-esque abilities to deal large amounts of damage to the opposing monster before their attacks do you in. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spellfall!

Your goal is to swap pieces to make something happen, either damage against an enemy or, in the case of coin-matching, simply earning more coins. You can match three, four or five pieces at a time. When you match four, you either get a straight-down piece or a straight-across line clearing piece, similar to Candy Crush Saga, and using this piece in conjunction with another combo will cause lots of damage.

Matching five or more pieces gets you a piece that clears a line both down and across, by converting all of the pieces in those lines into the same color block (the one you just cleared). This, combined with the cascades (which happens when combos match automatically, all in the same move), can cause massive amounts of damage.

You can choose a special move (or more than one special move) to equip as well, which will cause a certain effect when you fill the bar and then tap the icon to use it. It’s always recommended to have a healing move, because as you progress further on into the stages, enemies will get stronger and stronger, and death becomes a risk.

If you want to regain your hit points right away when you’re low, all that you have to do is go to the date and time settings on your device and then set the time ahead by whatever the designated health restoration time is. Then go back to the game and your health will be fully restored. The same trick works if you want to refresh the store automatically, as well.

When you have a hard time on a specific stage, go back to the last stage that you’ve beaten and beat it again and again to earn coins. Use as many of the coin combos as you can, and save up your coins, go to the store and buy new equipment, and if the equipment that you want doesn’t come around, then wait until the store refreshes.