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Pokémon GO – Top 22 Real Cheats, Easter Eggs and Tricks That Actually Work, Page 3

This is more than the given eleven cheats that the article started its existence with, but these new tips and tricks add a lot to what you can do in the game, and they have been proven and tested to work by loads of other Pokemon GO players as well as myself. Here are more tips and trick for Pokemon GO that actually work!

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12) If you are using an Android phone, you have multiple options that you can use for the GPS function on your phone. Go to the settings of your phone and switch the GPS accuracy option to “low battery”, which drops the GPS accuracy, causing your character to wander around a lot more. This causes your eggs to incubate a lot more quickly, because your character’s wandering will count as movement towards hatching an egg. This means that you can simply set your phone down, your character will wander around on their own, and movement will register towards the hatching of an egg.

13) Even if you have an iPhone, you can still take advantage of this little glitch. Set the game active and then set your phone down on a desk with the game active, and make sure that your screen is set not to go into sleep mode at all, because then the game won’t be active anymore. Let your phone sit on the desk and your character will wander around and add distance to the egg. This is best done with the phone plugged into a charger, and works best in a building thick enough to slightly impede your signal, but not to impede it entirely.

14) You can play the game in landscape mode instead of portrait mode on the iPhone and iPad. To make that work, open the app and hold your phone sideways. Then tap the Pokéball icon and go to the settings. Click on “Report high priority issue” and it will open a Safari-esque browser screen in landscape mode. Tap the menu button (don’t press the done button) and then click on the Pokémon GO icon and use it to open the game back up. The report menu will close and you’ll be in Pokémon GO again except it will be in landscape mode.

15) You can quick-pitch a Pokéball for a much, much higher catch rate – higher even than the curveball catch rate. To do this, tap a Pokémon on the map and then when it pops up on screen, wait until the very moment it begins to zoom out, then throw a Pokéball. If done right, there will be no arc – it will just fly straight at the Pokémon like a fastball. To make it easier to time, when the Pokémon pops up, count off exactly three seconds, which is how long it takes for the game to zoom out and the CP to pop up. You’ll catch even rare or high-CP Pokémon the majority of the time this way.

16) Want to do the landscape mode trick on an Android? No worries – the iOS trick doesn’t work, but Android has apps such as “Rotation Manager” “Rotate” and “Ultimate Rotation Control” that allow you to force the screen rotation of any app that you want to. So just use those apps and you will easily be able to force-rotate the game in whatever direction you want to.

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