Rainy Attic Room: Tips and Cheats Guide – Event Coupons, Free Rainwater and Hot Water, Free Talks and Hearts

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Rainy Attic Room is a slow paced simulation game for the iOS and Android platforms where you hang out with your depressed friend. Your goal is to increase your familiarity with them, earn rainwater and hot water, talk to them as much as you can, and earn hearts so that you can feed them and help them clean up their place. This is a very slow paced game, but there are plenty of tricks to help you speed things along.

Plus, you can also participate in events and use event codes to win prizes. As you get further into the game, you can gain levels and help your depressed friend furnish the room with nice things, and even go downstairs.

Read on for a list of tips and cheats for Rainy Attic Room!

You can talk to your depressed friend up to five times, and every five minutes, you will earn one more talk. There are a couple ways to earn more talks right away, though.

One way is to turn the room around and tap on the radio whenever it’s moving. You will be prompted to watch a short video, and once the advertisement video is done, you will earn five talks instantly.

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The other method is to use the time lapse cheat and move the time ahead on your phone or tablet. Moving ahead five minutes for every talk that you want to get. The only downside to this is that when you set your time back to normal, you will have to wait for the cheated number of minutes in order to earn talks, instead of waiting for five minutes, although you can still use the video method.

Rainwater accumulates when you’re logged off of the game, but you can also get more of it by tapping on various objects in the room and outside of the window. This includes spiderwebs, balloons, cats, planes that are flying by, and more. Rainwater is needed in order to furnish the room.

You can use the time lapse cheat to earn more rainwater right away by messing with the time on your phone, but the same rule applies here as it does with the hearts. If you set your time back to normal, you will lose all of that rainwater.

Hot water is also needed to buy new things, and can be earned in all of the same ways as above, except that it does not accumulate over time. You have to tap stuff in order to earn it. Go to the store area to check how much hot water and rainwater you have at any given time.

Another method of earning hot water is by purchasing the water purifier in the special area of the store. This allows you to exchange rainwater for hot water, so if you have too much rainwater and not enough hot water, then you will want to buy this.

To earn hearts, you have to talk to your depressed friend five times. Each five times equals one heart, and hearts can then be used to purchase food or clean up the room. Doing either of these things will increase your familiarity with your friend.

To enter an event coupon code, go to the options menu and tap the button that says “event info“. If there is an event going on at the time, then you will be able to enter the coupon, but if there is no event, then you won’t be able to do anything.

The question mark button in the corner of the settings menu will tell you to go to the Play Store to get the code, but as of right now, the Android Version of the game is only available in Korean, so if you only speak English, you’re out of luck unless you can run the description through a translator program. Try to do that, though, to see if there is an event code that you’re missing.

You can go downstairs once at the beginning of the game, but after that, you will no longer be able to go downstairs until you clean up the two boxes that are sitting in front of the latter. Once you earn enough hearts to clean them up, do that and get them out of the way and he will be able to go downstairs freely.

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6 thoughts on “Rainy Attic Room: Tips and Cheats Guide – Event Coupons, Free Rainwater and Hot Water, Free Talks and Hearts

  1. Pluto

    how do I get to the “special part” of the store? I am on apple, but only on level two… please help!

    1. Tecc

      It is the bottom right tab in the store book. If you haven’t leveled up enough, the water purifier/other items will not be available to you yet in this tab.

  2. biB

    Comment obtenir le frigo ? Je ne comprend pas

  3. raspberry

    what do the books do in the corner of the attic, what does leveling them up do?

  4. Lam

    How do you get the fridge?
    I’ve checked several times in the stores and it just has a “preparing” message over it. It’s been days.

  5. lyla!

    i’ve been playing this game for quite some time now, i’ve maxed everything on the top floor except the book. i feel like the levels just keep on going. do you know what the highest level of it is?


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