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Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, page 2

Once you complete a mission or a set of missions in a level, you’ll earn around 50 coins apiece for them. If you have an internet connection, and if you have completed at least 100 coins worth of missions in one run, an offer will sometimes appear asking you if you want to double your coins in exchange for watching a free video. Take the offer and an ad video will pop up, and once you are done watching it, you will have your coins doubled instantly.

After you complete all of your missions (the ones that appear on the pause screen when you pause the game), you normally have to wait six hours for more missions to appear again. Just like above, though, you will be able to watch an advertisement video in exchange for eliminating the new-mission cool down time.

Need to go a really long distance in a short amount of time? Start off your run with any of the ostriches. Once n ostrich gets angry, all that it will do is speed up. The longer that you run with it for, the faster that it will go. Just make sure to jump off when things get too crazy so that you don’t accidentally run into another animal or a rock.

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When you are in your zoo, tap one of the enclosures to open it, and then tap the level to see what happens with each of your upgrades. There are 8 level-ups possible for each one of your enclosures, and each of the upgrades has a different effect. For example, level 3 for elephants allows them to break through rocks, and level 3 for buffaloes allows them to smash anything in sight for the first half a second after you jump onto them.

When your enclosure is not built yet or is at level 1, you’ll only find two examples of a specific animal. When you upgrade your enclosure to level 2, you will be able to find two or three additional animals. The two top-level animals, the rare animals, only appear when your enclosure is leveled up to level 8. Finally, a secret animal and a boss animal will also appear when you either complete a secret task or complete a boss mission.

If you don’t like the steering sensitivity at its default level, go to the settings menu and you will be able to adjust it to be lower or higher. You can also save your battery by enabling “Save Battery” mode. This will drop the frame rate down from 60 FPS to 30 FPS, meaning that the game will take up a lot less battery juice. You can take an additional load off of your battery by disabling shadows.

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