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CaRRage – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

CaRRage is a new combat racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to engage in races, battles, and even automotive Trashball (soccer) matches, collect coins and crystals, and customize your car and your weapons. You can even purchase new cars and load them up with upgrades to complete against tougher and faster opponents. Read on for some tips and tricks for CaRRage!

In the races themselves, you can use your weapons and nitro boosts to get ahead, but the main thing that will win you the race is good cornering/handling. There are three control schemes that you can choose from in the options menu – the steering wheel, the joystick, and the left/right buttons. While the steering wheel is the default, you might find that another one is more to your liking.

After each race, you will earn coins, experience, and some of the five elements that you need for each upgrade. You’ll also have an offer to double all of your rewards if you watch an advertisement video. Take this offer every time as it gives you double of EVERYTHING, including experience points and all of the materials that you need for upgrades.

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Crystals are the premium currency of the game. The main method of increasing your crystal count is by purchasing them using in-app purchase, but you can earn crystals for free as well. Go to the IAP store and in the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see offers to watch a video to earn crystals. Other offers will pop up offering free coins for videos after that.

Trashball is a new game mode that is basically automotive soccer. Even if you are not in contact with the ball, attack members of the other team to keep them from getting to the ball. Fire rockets at them, and leave mines in their path to make them crash until they die. You’ll get bonuses for killing others, and you’ll help your team win as well.

Hit the gears store to add new parts to your car. Your gears will increase the damage that you can take and the amount of armor that is defending your vehicle. Buy new weapons or upgrade your current weapons in order to deal more damage to opposing cars, or upgrade the nitro to increase the force of the boosts and the length of time that it lasts for.

In addition to all of the upgrades to your weapons and to the car itself, you can go to the decal store and buy decals to increase your audience bonus each time that you play a round. Typically the more expensive the decal, the higher your audience bonus will be for every round that you play, meaning that they all pay for themselves over time.