Skip to Content – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide is a new game that can best be described as a cross between and the old cell phone game Snake. In this game you play as one snake in a field of many, and your goal is to become the biggest and longest snake out of all of them. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

The main way to earn points in this game is to munch on the dots that are all around the level. These dots appear randomly, and when you eat them, the length of your snake grows. The bigger dots add more to your length than the smaller dots do, so go for the bigger ones whenever possible.

To find the most dots, look at the map at the lower right corner of the screen. The dot on the map is your orientation compared to others, so you want to move closer to the middle if you want to find more dots. However, this is where more rival snakes, especially the bigger ones, tend to hang out, so be careful when you go here.

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If another snake runs into you, then they will die and their entire body will turn into giant dots. If you crash into another snake, you will be the one who dies. Your objective is to get them to crash into you so that you can eat the dots that appear because that’s what earns you the most points. One way to do this is to dash. Dashing sheds a bit of length, but allows you to go extremely quickly and dart in front of other snakes. It’s the easiest way to kill other snakes.

The dashing mechanism allows you to not only kill smaller and similarly-sized snakes, but larger snakes as well. Dash in front of them because often they will not expect you to do it. The more aggressive you are, the bigger that you can get.

Once you get to be a very large size, start playing a little bit more defensively. You can slither through yourself, unlike in the original Snake, so use your own body as protection by keeping your head inside of your body. When you are bigger, other snakes will run into you just because you’re in the way, so you will have a ton of extra food to eat.

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