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SSSnaker – Snake Eggs and Guide to Unlocking All Snakes

SSSnaker is a massively popular snake/roguelike/bullet-hell combination for the iOS and Android platforms by the makers of and Archero. You can get all sorts of equipment and upgrades on your way through the chapters and trials, but one thing that many don’t realize at first is that you can also unlock a wide variety of different snakes, as well. These snakes all have various advantages that can make it easier to beat harder levels, and can add a serious collection element to the game as well.

New snakes are some thing that comes along far later in the game than many of the other modifications available to you, such as equipment. For the most part, snakes start to show up after chapter 4, in a slightly more advanced stage of the game, or at least an intermediate stage and not the beginning stages.

Read on for a guide to unlocking snakes, snake eggs, and a whole lot more in SSSnaker!

You start off the game with one snake, but as you make your way through the game, right around the time that you pass through level 4-15, you’ll unlock the snake tab, where you can manage your snakes, ascend and upgrade your snakes, and switch back and forth between snakes as you please.

While your initial snake has no rating and is considered to be common, the new snakes are rated anywhere between B and A to begin with, although there is reason to believe that higher grades will be added to the game gradually. The health and attack stats differ, but predictably, A-grade dragons will have a much better set of statistics, even before upgrading them at all.

Your initial snake has no element, but your new snakes will have elements of either ice, fire, plant, or lightning. Their initial attack will look similar to the attack that happens after you pick up an elemental power up in the middle of the battle, and will also be subject to the elemental upgrades that you pick up.

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There are two ways to upgrade any one of your snakes. One of these ways is to do the standard upgrade, which increases the level of the snake, and costs coins, as well as elemental upgrade tokens that match the element of the snake. These will significantly increase both health and attack power.

The other is to ascend your snake. This will not only increase their base stats, but it will also upgrade the performance of your additional skill/secondary attack, causing it to either have more power, higher speed, or better range and area of effect..You need to earn cards of that dragon in order to ascend, and if you don’t have that snake to begin with, you can simply use those cards to unlock the snake.

There are a few different ways to get more snakes. One way is to go to the snake egg section of the store, where you can use gems, keys, and other familiar things in order to purchase more snake eggs and hatch them. This doesn’t unlock until after you beat world 10, though; it’s going to take a while to get there, but there are a few other ways to unlock more snakes beforehand.

After you beat level 4–15, you will get your first new snake. This comes completely for free; you don’t have to pay anything in order to get it. You can also get a free snake by earning enough newbie experience points during the newbie event after you first begin playing the game. You can restart the newbie portion by deleting the game and then reinstalling it again, as long as you have not linked the game anywhere else.

Be sure to look out for extra rare, extra effective, and limited edition snakes that tend to pop up in special events that are time limited. These time sensitive events will often contain snakes that are much more rare and even more powerful than the ones that you find elsewhere.

You can also get bonus rewards for beating tough levels such as the more advanced trials and chapters that end in a multiple of five or 10. Often, you will earn big rewards for beating noteworthy chapters or trials, to include super rare snakes.