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Super Brain: Funny Puzzle – All 200+ Answers and Solutions For All Levels, Stages, and Question: Full Walkthrough

Super Brain: Funny Puzzle is a new hit game that has been leading the resurgence of trick question games on the iOS and Android platforms, along with Brain Out, and Brain IQ: Puzzle Challenge!

Your goal is to answer all sorts of questions, from trick questions to logic puzzles, math problems, and everything in between. These questions will have you using every feature of your phone to try to figure them out, from flipping your phone over to tapping rapidly on the screen with multiple fingers, to plugging your phone into a charger.

As follows is every answer to Super Brain: Funny Puzzle! NOTE: If you read the article and the questions appear scrambled or out of order, that means that an update has just been released to the game. The actual questions will be the same, they will have just moved to different levels, so sit tight. We’ll get an update out one day after the next update, at the latest.

NOTE: If you want to try to beat all of the questions yourself without looking up any spoilers, check out our Super Brain: Funny Puzzle Tips, Cheats, and Guide.

Read on for the answers to all of the questions in Super Brain: Funny Puzzle!

Level 1: Ignore what’s the biggest number is numerically here and focus on font size. The biggest number here is 10, because physically it’s actually the biggest number.

Level 2: Don’t click based on the size of each character’s picture. The shortest character on this list is the crab, because in real life, a crab is smaller than all of the people on the list.

Level 3: The slowest snail is the snail in the question, because it’s literally not moving. All of the others are moving, so by definition, they are faster than the one in the question.

Level 4: To help grandma cross the street, move the street to the other side of grandma. Then, she will be “across” the street because the street crossed her rather than the other way around.

Level 5: To click all the items in ascending order, click the Apple, then the Book, then the Cat, as they are in alphabetical order. Think A, then B, then C.

Level 6: To make a rectangle, take the square and drag it partially off of the screen, which instantly changes it from a square shape into a rectangle shape. What side of the screen you drag it off of doesn’t matter.

Level 7: The direction that the finger points to is Left, since it points literally to the word “left”, despite the actual direction that it points to.

Level 8: All of the icons appear to look like food, but there is one that is inedible. Tap on the plate underneath the cookie, as the plate itself is literally uneatable (even though the cookies are not).

Level 9: The flashlight doesn’t point in any direction, because the flashlight is off, so tap on “all wrong”, since all of the other possible answers to the question are wrong.

Level 10: To click on three numbers that add up to ten, keep in mind that you can tap on numbers more than once. Tap 2, 2, 6, or any combination thereof. Then tap the OK button.

Level 11: To find the unique apple, drag apples around with your finger until you find the one with the bite taken out of it. That one is the unique apple.

Level 12: To find the lane that the car should park in, move the car with your finger and you’ll see the number. There is no real pattern to the numbers.

Level 13: There are seven holes in the shorts – the waist, the leg holes, and two holes for each rip in the shorts, one in the front and one in the back.

Level 14: You have to tap the card the number of times that shows up on it. Turn the card upside down to match the orientation of the suit. It’s a 9 of hearts, so tap nine times.

Level 15: There are 12 differences between the two pictures. Overall there are 10 on the crab itself and 2 on the fork.

Level 16: To hide the puppy, simply take your finger and drag the puppy all the way off of the screen. Then the puppy will technically be hidden from view.

Level 17: To move past this one, simply tap the like button, then tap “no thanks, next level” to move on.

Level 18: To turn off the stuck computer, move the screen out of the way and tap the red button that’s behind the screen.

Level 19: To count the number of candles on the screen, drag all of the candles out of the way and count the candles that you dragged, plus all of the candles that were behind them.

Level 20: To do the math problem, write down all of the numbers on one line, without adding any extra modifiers. So a 1 next to a 1 on the next line is an 11. The answer is 32.

Level 21: To put a piggy bun on every single plate here, put the word “piggy bun” out of the question onto the empty plate, so that every plate has a “piggy bun” on it. Leave the other piggy bun alone.

Level 22: Simply tap the cards in order from the smallest to the biggest. Note that the one that appears to be 6 is actually 9, so tap it as if it were not upside down. And also, if you’re unfamiliar with a standard deck, King is the biggest card.

Level 23: To find which one is the farthest from “us”, tap the bottom right icon, which is the farthest from the word “us”. Ignore which ones are actually the farthest away from us as a planet.

Level 24: To count the books on the table, think about the question from a different angle. Look for the table itself. There is no table, therefore there are 0 books on the table.

Level 25: To figure out what time it is, enter the time on your phone or tablet, but enter it in military time. So if it’s 11:00 PM, write 23:00. If it’s in the AM hours, then just write the time as given (e.g. 7:00 am is 07:00)

Level 26: To drag the photo into the frame, drag the word “photo” into the frame from the question. The pencil drawing below the frame is not a photo, therefore it doesn’t work as an answer.

Level 27: To tap on the even numbers, carefully click on all of the even numbers in this level. Infinity doesn’t count as an even number, so don’t tap that.

Level 28: To find the circle, look at the question itself. None of the circles are in the shape list. The circle is the period in the question (notice how the middle of it is hollow)

Level 29: To find the edible food, take the tan-colored diamond and put it under the poop emoji to turn it into an ice cream.

Level 30: To answer who works one day a year, tap on Santa Claus because there is only one Christmas per year, so that is the one day Santa works (he is asleep before and after)

Level 31: It’s dark, but the sun is still the brightest. The sun is always the brightest even when you can’t see it, since the earth rotates around the sun, so tap on the sun to answer the question correctly.

Level 32: Remove commonalities from both the top and the bottom half of the equation. “2sinxcosx”/”2ncosx” = take out the “n” and the “cosx” and the “2” from each side. The answer is six.

Level 33: To rate the game, flip over the first piece of paper from the bottom right corner and tap the box next to “FULL MARK” on the paper below it. All of the other answers are too low.

Level 34: To put everything in the box, put all four of the icons in the box, then put the question itself in the box. This question wants you to put LITERALLY everything into the box.

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Level 35: To even things out in the picture on the manhole cover, use your finger to swipe over and erase one orange line, then the other orange line. Now with no orange lines, the entire thing will be symmetrical and even.

Level 36: To make the equation 7+1=1 true, use your finger to drag the equation off of the left side of the screen until it says +1=1 or simply 1=1.

Level 37: When the No Smoking sign appears, simply use your finger to rub out the end of the cigarette until it goes out. Once it’s out, then the no smoking rule is complied with.

Level 38: There are four holes in the sock – one in the ankle, one in the heel, one in the middle of the foot, and one large one where the toes are sticking out.

Level 39: The circle is the graphic with the highest number of edges, simply because it has an infinite number of edges, technically speaking.

Level 40: To hide the secret money from your wife, put your finger over the little dollar bill icon, and just hold it there for a few seconds to hide it.

Level 41: To stop the car at the stop sign, simply drag the stop sign until it’s sitting next to the car’s front door.

Level 42: To answer the question “Where is Africa?”, simply tap on the word Africa in the question. The partial Africa drawing on the globe doesn’t count as an answer.

Level 43: To create an earthquake above a magnitude of 5, all that you have to do is shake the phone. This will create an earthquake as big as you want it to be.

Level 44: To figure out which of the ladies is cross-dressing, use your finger to try to pull off their hair until you find the one whose long hair is actually a wig and comes off of their head.

Level 45: If 1=10, then 10=1, regardless of what any of the other numbers in the question say. There are no patterns to the rest of the numbers.

Level 46: The safe has no password. Tap on the key in the top left corner of the screen to open the safe and ignore the password input.

Level 47: The king of animals at the zoo is the director. The director controls all that goes on in the zoo, therefore technically, the director is the king.

Level 48: To turn on the light, hold your fingers on either end of the broken red wire to allow electricity to flow through your body to illuminate the light.

Level 49: To solve for the equation W = V, erase the left half of the W to turn it into a V. This turns it into V = V, which is a true equation.

Level 50: To transform 2 triangles into 8 triangles, all that you have to do is drag one on top of the other, to turn them into a six-pointed Star of David. That turns the original two triangles into six small triangles on the tips, and the two big triangles still overlapping each other.

Level 51: To figure out which bottle is soda, shake the phone and then tap on the bottle that explodes. The exploded bottle is the soda one, and the ones that don’t explode are not the soda.

Level 52: The cheapest of the four set meals is the $10 one, because it’s cheaper than all of the other ones. There are no tricks in this question – which can be seen as a trick itself!

Level 53: To help Miss Bat get to sleep, simply turn your phone upside down. Bats sleep when they are upside down, not when they are right side up.

Level 54: Enter the sum of the three largest numbers, including the numbers on the keypad. 7+8+9 is 24, so that’s the sum of the three largest numbers (you can’t tap the same number twice)

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Level 55: Set number 3 is $15. This same set was back in question 52, with the same price, so think back to that question or check the question again in order to get the price, then enter it here.

Level 56: To count the apples on the tree, first shake the phone to make all of the apples fall off. Then count all of the apples now that you can see every single one of them.

Level 57: To make 6+2=3 true, tap the 3 and rotate it. The top three will rotate, the bottom will not, so turn the 3 into an 8 to make 6+2=8.

Level 58: To lift the elevator, all that you have to do is grab the word “elevator” out of the question and lift it upwards.

Level 59: The picture of the clock is not a real clock, it’s merely a picture. So three hours later, the needle in the picture of a clock will still point to 9. This is the definition of a trick question.

Level 60: To find the bubble that’s the largest, grab any one of the bubbles and drag it over all of the other bubbles to make it as large as possible, by merging it with all of the other bubbles.

Level 61: To make a no parking sign, grab the NO PARKING in the question and move it into the red circle to make the sign.

Level 62: Dong’s hen laid an egg at Ming’s house, but neither Dong or Ming own the egg. There was no agreement on the egg, so the hen owns the egg, so tap “hen” in the question.

Level 63: There are a total of ten triangles inside of the “pentagram”, or star. You have the five triangles on the tips, then the five large triangles that overlap each other inside of it.

Level 64: Cupid fired an arrow at the word “you”. So grab Cupid and drag him to the immediate left of the word “you” in the question.

Level 65: There are zero black spots in the picture. They are all white, but due to an optical illusion, they look black.

Level 66: To count all of the keys in the picture, move the Clear button to find a key, then move the stationary keys to find keys underneath. Then count all of them plus the key next to the hint key counter at the top left area of the screen.

Level 67: The girl doesn’t want to see the dirty world. So take the dollar bill and place it over her eyes so she can’t see it anymore.

Level 68: To have your champagne and celebrate your intelligence, shake the phone until the bottle on the screen pops its top.

Level 69: Neither area A nor area B are darker than the other. The two are the same color. This is an optical illusion despite what it may look like.

Level 70: The rain is PH 4, meaning it’s acid rain. Tap the middle cloud to make acid rain fall and eat the boulder away. Then tap the car three times to make it drive to the end.

Level 71: To light up the network regularly, do a Sudoku round with the grid. The circles are in the following order (blank spaces represented by X’s):


Level 72: To correct the direction, turn your phone so that the Right arrow faces right and the Left arrow faces left.

Level 73:The picture of the puppy’s right ear is what resembles the puppy’s right ear the most. None of the other shapes after the question do.

Level 74: To find the pentagon, all that you have to do is put the triangle on top of the square, and then tap it. It’s a five pointed piece so it will work, even though the sides aren’t an even length.

Level 75: It’s impossible to walk through the maze to the exit. Instead, walk AROUND the maze to the exit. Go around the top or bottom of the outside wall of the maze, and go to the exit area.

Level 76: What lives the longest on earth? Technically, the earth lives the longest out of anything “on” earth, so tap the word earth in the question.

Level 77: There are twenty total 9’s in all 100 numbers between 1 and 100. 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99. 99 counts for two 9’s.

Level 78: To find the heart, drag the two outlines of a long D-shape over each other, and they will merge and turn into a heart.

Level 79: To help Ming, notice that the elephant is flipped over. The elephant is 6, so when flipped over, it becomes 9. That means the answer is 12.

Level 80: To point the arrow to the road, turn the phone so that the arrow points downward, to the real-life road under one’s feet.

Level 81: To quickly click all, focus only on the blue balloons. tap all of the blue balloons including the one in the question. Then move the red balloon and click the blue balloon behind it.

Level 82: The TV leaks electric current, but it’s still on, so turn it off using the button on the TV, not the scissors. The scissors will get you electrocuted but the button works.

Level 83: If a piece of paper is 0.01cm thick and is folded five times, then it is still the same thickness (0.01cm thick). Being folded doesn’t change the thickness.

Level 84: To help Ming and his “high myopic” eyes drive to the other side of the station, tap the rock with one finger, hold it, then tap the car with the other finger to drive across.

Level 85: To find out which one of the sheep is the unique sheep, shake the phone and one of the sheep will fall over. This sheep is unique because it gets carsick.

Level 86: Read the question carefully. It says to find the D (capital), but the angle in the triangle is a d (lowercase). Tap the D in the question.

Level 87: To find the water in the bucket, turn the phone or tablet that you’re playing on upside down, and one of the buckets will have water show up in it. Tap the bucket with the water.

Level 88: To put everything in the right place, put the soda bottle in the silhouette, the snail in the snail silhouette, then the yellow cap on top of the soda bottle inside of the same soda bottle silhouette.

Level 89: The weather is not good today, so use that to your advantage. Drag the white cloud over the black cloud to make a thunderstorm that will destroy the rock, which will allow the car to go through and drive to the other side.

Level 90: The column is an optical illusion, so it is both a cylinder and a prism, so tap the two answers at the same time with both fingers.

Level 91: To find out which is the daughter, wipe the makeup off of the girl’s face to reveal her as the daughter.

Level 92: Sheepwool doesn’t mostly come from any of those countries, so none of them are the right answers. It comes from sheep, so tap sheep in the question.

Level 93: If there are a five dollar bill and a 50 dollar bill on the ground, pick them both up at the same time by tapping on them both at the same time with two different fingers. No need to choose one or the other.

Level 94: To keep the balance scale balanced, take everything off of the scales so that there is no weight on either side of it, and the scales will then return to being even.

Level 95: To “drive” to the next stop, pick up the car by using a finger, and carry it over the boulder to the other side of the road.

Level 96: To quickly make the possible become impossible, tap the “im” and drag it out of the beginning of the word “impossible” to change the word into “possible”.

Level 97: To hide from everyone that you took the ace of hearts, put the phone face down so that nobody sees the ace of hearts that you took.

Level 98: Check the wording of the question. When you hit someone in the head with one of those items, the head is what hurts the worst. So tap the word head, or tap the head of the key in the upper left corner of the screen.

Level 99: To tap on all six of the colors in a row, ignore the word inside of the color and tap while counting the actual colors.

Level 100: You have to work out the question, 66+34=? – find the number 100, which is the level number, and tap it to correctly answer the question.

Level 101: Put the phone over your head and rotate your phone (or tablet if applicable) downward (screen facing you, phone up) to see the watermarks on the money. It shows 520.

Level 102: You don’t have to choose between saving the wife and the mom. Tap and pull both of them at once to save them both.

Level 103: The correct order for picking the fruit from small to large is cherry, then apple, then watermelon. Don’t tap carrot, because it isn’t a fruit.

Level 104: The question asks what is between true and false. The word between true and false is the word “and” in the question, so tap ‘and’ and ignore all of the other options.

Level 105: The second pool is the one that will fill first. There is a blockage separating the pipe between two and three, so neither three or four have the possibility of ever filling up.

Level 106: To figure out how much money was actually hidden by the thief, move the OK button to the side and you’ll find more money underneath. The total is 25.

Level 107: To help the beauty model take a picture of her long legs, grab her feet and stretch them downward to stretch her legs out all the way, thereby making her legs asl ong as possible.

Level 108: The color White shows the most in the picture, because it surrounds the entire grid of colorful squares that contains every other color.

Level 109: To win the tic tac toe game against Ming, tap on the middle and bottom squares at the same time with two fingers.

Level 110: The highest mountain in the world before Mount Qomolangma was discovered was still Mount Qomolangma, being that it was still there even before it was discovered, so tap the Mount Qomolangma in the question. (For our western readers, Mount Qomolangma is the Tibetan name for the mountain we know as Mount Everest)

Level 111: The right dot is worth 1, the next dot after that is worth 2, and the middle dot is worth 4. Each dot is the previous dot x2, so the second dot from the left will be 8. In this case, ? = 9.

Level 112: To wipe both of their mouths off with a piece of paper after dinner, grab the paper towel on the table with two fingers, then rip it into two pieces.

Level 113: If you can only move one match out of the number 508, then the highest number that you can make is 909.

Level 114: If you can move two matches out of the number 508, then think about the ability to split one number into two numbers. or to add numbers at the beginning and end. The highest number in this case is 51181.

Level 115: There are zero curves on the graph. The graph is entirely an optical illusion; all of the lines go straight up and down. The stripes simply make it look like there are curves.

Level 116: The perimeter of the shape given in this question is 48. This figure explains how the math works:

Level 117: To find the regularity, look at how many numbers with holes there are. 6663 has three holes, and 8888 has 8 holes. So the given number, 6868, has six holes.

Level 118: To celebrate your second birthday, tap and hold any two candles on the cake at the same time in order to light them. Then when two candles are lit, let go of the candles and they will stay lit.

Level 119: To throw the ball into the basket, tap on the base of the basketball hoop until it breaks and falls down. Then tap the shooter to shoot a rolling basket and roll the basketball straight into the hoop, which is laying down.

Level 120: To answer “who do you think is the most handsome one”, tap the “you” in the question. Ignore all of other four characters in the question.

Level 121: The TV is turned off, so to turn it back on, first move the laptop out of the way. Then move the tablet out of the way, and then move the phone, and then move the whole table to find the remote.

Level 122: To help Gump get free from the 1,000KG hill, take the 000 out of the number and it becomes a nice, light, 1KG hill that he can just climb out of easily, with practically no effort.

Level 123: Because of the earthquake, you can split the ground apart with your fingers and make the boulder fall through. Then tap the car to make it drive across the level to the end.

Level 124: To help Gump find his seventh floor home, take the small gray house and put it top of on the small gray skyscraper. It becomes a penthouse, which is where Gump lives.

Level 125: To figure out which parking spot is next in the sequence, turn the phone upside down and then look at the numbers. The sequence makes no sense when your phone is right-side up. The next one in the sequence is 67.

Level 126: To light up the candle, put the magnifying glass on top of the match so that the sun lights it. Once the match is lit up, then move the match onto the candle to light the candle.

Level 127: There is only one difference between the first picture and the second picture. Tap the number 1 in the first picture to pass the level.

Level 128: To help the pretty girl avoid anyone having to see her change, flip the phone or tablet over that you’re playing on in order to hide the screen from everyone.

Level 129: To figure out why Jack and the girl fell in love, use your finger to erase the top half of every number, letter, and symbol in the equation. It turns into ILOVEYOU

Level 130: To make it so that the girl is no longer alone, long-press on the girl and the copy button will come up. Tap on the copy button and a second girl will appear, so the first one will no longer be alone and bored.

Level 131: If yesterday were tomorrow, than today would be Friday, so according to the fact that “tomorrow” is Thursday, that makes “today” Wednesday according to the puzzle.

Level 132: To pop the balloon from right to left, simply flip the phone over so that the dart is on the right and the balloon is on the left, then throw the dart at the balloon to pop it.

Level 133: To make the equation 6-5=31 true, tap on the 3 and then erase it with your finger to turn it into 6-5=1.

Level 134: To turn off the solar bulb, you need to depower the solar panel. To take power away from the solar panel, flip your phone screen down.

Level 135: To get the car to the other side, tap the car to make it go, then before the car hits the boulder, swipe left on the car to make it change direction and drive off one side of the screen, onto the other.

Level 136: There are 10 candles, and the question asks how many are left. Even though 3 candles are out, there are still a total of 10 candles left.

Level 137: To get the largest possible value, drag the two 0’s into the answer box linked together to make an infinity symbol.

Level 138: there are a total of four quadrangles in this question; three of them are the three orange ones below the question. Below those is a white quadrangle with the number inside of it. That’s four total.

Level 139: Gump wants to drink the milk at the bottom of the glass. Tap the milk at the bottom of the glass and drag it over his mouth to make him drink it.

Level 140: To “click on the food below”, tap on the crawdad and the gourd at the same time. Tapping them separately won’t work. Crystals aren’t food.

Level 141: To find the check, grab the envelope with one finger, then turn the phone to the right while holding the envelope, and the check will fall out of it.

Level 142: An Apple is worth 10. Each banana in the bunch is worth 3. Each grape is worth 1. The last question is four bananas and nine grapes, which is worth 21.

Level 143: to find the real bird, shake the phone until one of the birds flies away. That one is the real bird. The ones that didn’t fly away are merely statues.

Level 144: to help him propose, take the gold ring that’s on the front of the purse, and then put it on top of the diamond ring. This turns the diamond ring into a gold diamond ring.

Level 145: To make the number larger than 3 but smaller than four, drag the top chopstick down on to the top of the other chopsticks to make a pi. Pi is large than 3 but smaller than four.

Level 146: To let the beauty chase you back, take her red purse and give it to the boy. Then she will chase after him off the screen.

Level 147: it takes 4 minutes to boil either one egg or three eggs. Just boil the eggs together. to start and finish them at the exact same time.

Level 148: To click the numbers in order, simply memorize the order of the numbers because it changes every time. Write the number order down if you need to.

Level 149: Tap on the word oxygen in the title. People breathed in oxygen long before they actually discovered it; you don’t need to discover it in order to breathe it.

Level 150: To figure out which building is a shoddy project, shake the phone and the one that is poorly constructed will fall down. Tap the one that falls down.

Level 151: To answer “turn two rectangles into three rectangles”, switch around the 2 and the 3 in the title to make “turn 3 rectangles into 2 rectangles”. You have to play with the positioning a bit to get the game to recognize it.

Level 152: To drive the naughty kid away, move the kid with the glasses over next to the other kid, and he will kick him off of the screen.

Level 153: To figure out which book is thinner, turn the bottom-right corners of the Dictionary and World History books upward by swiping up on them, and you will see their thicknesses.

Level 154: To help Wong get first place, grab his name out of the question mark and put it on the first-place podium.

Level 155: To turn the men’s toilet into the women’s toilet, grab the two left and right squares directly over his legs and move them outward by one. Make them look like the following image in order to get the answer right:

Level 156: To help the lady lose weight, give her a balloon, which, since it’s filled with helium, has negative weight and will take some of the weight off of her.

Level 157: To figure out which cup is soy sauce and which of the cups are Coke, shake the phone to make the Coke cups fizz up. The soy sauce cups won’t fizz up at all.

Level 158: To release the piece of paper, tap and swipe on the paper clip to open it and let the paper out of it.

Level 159: To click on the box on the right, move the stack of three boxes to the left and another box will appear from the right side of the screen. Then tap on that one.

Level 160: To solve for the equation 8 + _ = 0, grab the top half of the 8 and remove it, then place it in the second digit to make 0 + 0 = 0.

Level 161: To find the cat among the owls, look for the one that doesn’t have a beak. It’s toward the lower left corner of the picture. Here is the location of the cat among owls:

Level 162: If you take 3 candles out of 5 candles, then you have 3 candles, because you took those three candles out.

Level 163: To hold down the screen for 3 seconds, instead of holding the phone for 3 seconds, hold your finger down on the word “screen” for three seconds.

Level 164: When I was 5, my other was twice my age, or 10 years old. So when I’m 10, my brother will be 15.

Level 165: To count the black dots again, ignore the optical illusion and count the period in the question. There is one black dot on the screen.

Level 166: All of the other equations are wrong, so ignore them and solve only the unknown one. 3+4=7.

Level 167: To figure out the price of the fish, subtract 55 (the price difference between the fish and crab) from 111 (the total price). The answer is 56. Divide that in half and the fish is 28.

Level 168: To find the photo of Jack and Gump, swipe right, then plug in the printer. Then tap the green button on the printer to print out their photo.

Level 169: If you could make your dreams come true, would you own a nice house in a big city, win the lottery, or find a perfect lover? To figure out what you would do if you won the lottery, tap on the screen with all three fingers at the same time to pick all of the choices. Your wishes, your rules.

Level 170: If the rear wheel turns 10 rounds, then the front wheel turns 0, because the bike is rear-wheel drive. That means that the front wheel doesn’t spin itself at all.

Level 171: If 5 hens lay 5 eggs in 5 days, then 5 hens would lay 100 eggs in 100 days. The amount of eggs laid per hen per day is one egg every 5 hours, or 5 eggs for 5 hens.

Level 172: If 13 people play hide and seek and 10 are found, then only two of the people are left, because one of them is the seeker and not a hider, therefore they aren’t counted by the game toward the total players.

Level 173: To drive to the opposite stop, use two fingers to tilt the road downward, then when the boulder rolls away, tap on the car to make it drive.

Level 174: To click on the card N times, tap on the card the number of times that equals the number on the card. Ignore what the counter says; it counts 8 twice, so you’ll have to count it yourself.

Level 175: To “find out” the heart as it’s worded by the question, use light to find it.Tap the red button on the lamp to turn it on, and the heart will appear.

Level 176: To figure out the value of X, take 22KG, which is the value of two cats, two crabs, and two snails, and divide it in half. One crab, one snail, and one cat, is 11KG. So snails are weightless.

Level 177: To beat Ming in Tic Tac Toe again, take the O from the question and place it in the middle square. Then tap the bottom square.

Level 178: To figure out who’s smarter, turn the phone upside down. The blonde kid’s equation will become correct, when it’s turned upside down.

Level 179: To get Gump down to the first floor, turn the phone upside down, so the elevator button becomes a down button, then tap it.

Level 180: To “hit the bowling ball” (but really, to hit the bowling PIN), stretch the pin with two fingers to make it large, then tap the bowling ball.

Level 181: To break the golden egg, grab the hammer out from behind the bush on the right side of the screen, then tap all three of the eggs with it.

Level 182: If the snail exceeds third place in the race, then the snail will then be in third place, since it took over that spot from the other racer.

Level 183: There were three ladies with two daughters. One of the ladies is the grandma, the other two ladies are both her daughters and the moms of the other two. So 7 chairs are needed.

Level 184: If a gun is fired once in a minute, then 11 guns are fired in ten minutes, because one gun was fired right at the start of the countdown.

Level 185: To click red, blue, green, white, purple, and orange successively, click all six of the colors in order, without paying attention to what word is on top of the colors.

Level 186: There are four total faces in the process, because the blacked-out screen shows you your own reflection, which is the fourth face. The other three are Snow White, Link, and the bikini girl.

Level 187: There are five PEOPLE ahead and two behind the snail, making the snail the only one of its kind, so there is only one snail in the line.

Level 188: To click on the largest rectangle to pass, tap on the background rectangle, not any of the three foreground ones. The background is a rectangle shape, and it’s MUCH larger than the others.

Level 189: To find the hidden stars, shake the phone and all of the kids will get dizzy, and stars will fly around their heads. These are the “hidden” stars that you need to find.

Level 190: To drag numbers to get the largest value, drag the OO next to each other to make an infinity symbol.

Level 191: In question 189, there were 11 stars above the heads of the kids. You can always hit the back button, go to question 189, and then count them.

Level 192: The answer is Boy + Boy = Gay

Level 193: Jack is $1 short and Gump is 1 cent short. This means that Jack has no money and Gump has 99 cents, making the soda 1 dollar.

Level 194: To align all, take all of the leaves and align them all vertically with the leaf in the question.

Level 195: To make it so that the water isn’t too hot for Gump to drink, drag the cold water over the warm water to cool it off.

Level 196: To drive the car to the opposite side, tap the car to make it drive, and then swipe up on it to make it jump over the boulder so that it doesn’t crash and burn.

Level 197: To get the smallest value, drag the period down from the question to the decimal point after the first digit position. Then make 1.23 as the number.

Level 198: To find the heart again, drag the two swans right next to each other, so that their heads and necks make a heart now.

Level 199: To figure out the Pictionary answer, look at the picture and copy the numbers. It’s 2784

Level 200: To take a break, put the phone down on its back. The level will clear automatically if you do this, but if you’re holding the phone, the level won’t automatically clear.

Stay tuned for more answers as the developers add more questions!

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