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Tap On Time – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Tap On Time is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you have to stop a cursor inside of a circular gauge in the right place. The faster, more accurate, and the more times that you can stop it in a row, the more points that you earn, and earning these points allows you to move onto the next level and unlock plenty of extras, as well as earn diamonds and various other bonuses.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Tap On Time!

You start off the game on level one, and although there are a good number of levels in this game, you might find that you have a hard time just making it past level one in the first place. to get through, you have to score enough points to meet the threshold, at minimum. Of course, you can also use the skip button on the main screen to watch an advertisement video and skip the level.

In order to score the most points possible, you want to prioritize the speed and accuracy, but slow down if you need to. It’s better to slow down and take more time on the stage than it is to lose because you’re tapping too fast and you make an inaccurate tap. Keep that in mind when you were wondering what to do next.

Whenever you beat a level, you will have the opportunity to earn various bonuses afterwards. For example, sometimes you can unlock a skin by watching a video advertisement. Other bonuses include being able to multiply your diamonds by anywhere from two times to 5 times by stopping the cursor in the right place and then watching the video.

There are various different types of mini-games that you can play that are links off of the main screen, and can earn you bonuses such as rare and epic skins. The treasure chest matching game is one of them, and the lucky spin game is another one. Depending on the amount of patience you have, you can play these as many times as you want to.

The treasure chest game requires keys to play, and you can earn a ton of different rewards from this game, including epic skins. In order to get more keys, watch an advertisement video whenever you are at zero. After the video is completed, you will have three keys that you can then use to open chests.

Skins are purely cosmetic, and they don’t change the gameplay at all, except that they change the color palette of the background, as well as the character that you use that is circling around the board. There are tons of skins that you can unlock, and once you unlock a skin, you can use it anytime that you want to.

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Another bonus that you can unlock through advertisement videos is a shield. A shield allows you to miss one time and not lose the level, so you have significantly more room for error when you play, and a much higher likelihood of making it to the next level.

If you really want to test your skill, play the endless level. This creates a stage with an infinite length that you can theoretically play through forever, as long as you don’t tap in correctly. Your score will be ranked against the scores of all other players that have played the game, so you can see where you stand.