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War Pods: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

War Pods is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you control a bunch of weaponized cats, pitting them against countless enemies and bosses while earning crystals, medals, and hex coins. You pull back to shoot balls at enemies, blocks, and power-ups, using all manner of different strategies to get the advantage. Read on for some tips and tricks for War Pods!

You can use coins to upgrade all of your players by leveling them up, and you can do the same thing to the power-ups that you find on the stage using hex coins and sticky stuff. The quickest way to get a huge advantage against your enemies is to upgrade the bomb tile. Load it up with upgrades, then destroy it as soon as you can when you’re playing in a game. The other tiles are useful too, but not quite as much as the bomb tile.

If you beat a level for the first time, you’ll always only get one star on it. The reason for this is that the first time that you play a level, it will be on easy difficulty. Play it again for the second star on medium difficulty, and then play it a third time for the third star on hard difficulty. The rewards will be greater, the higher that the difficulty level is.

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The missions are also a huge source of rewards. Always have a mission going, and set push notifications so that you can go back and collect rewards right away, and then send your characters out on another mission. You can pick any three characters that you don’t care for using in active battle and send them out on as many missions as you want in order to load up on hex coins, cards, crystals, and other goodies.

Aside from battling and missions, there are some other quick ways to earn coins and crystals. One of these is to play the daily tasks, complete them, then go back and collect the rewards. Open the free gifts that come every few hours. Also, go to the main screen and watch an ad video whenever it becomes available to earn even more free hex coins.

One of the biggest indicators of a successful shot is the combined damage that you do. To maximize combined damage, bounce a ball upward in between bricks so that it bounces back and forth off of them. Not only will you typically do more damage to enemies this way, but falling bricks can do significant damage to your characters, so neutralizing them means you take less damage.