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Weed Firm – How to stop aliens, gangsters and cops from taking your money, XP and weed

One of the biggest challenges in Weed Firm is the gangsters Jesus and Jhamal, and Mr. Malone, the police officer. Whenever they knock on your door, you either have to pay up, or you can kiss your money and weed goodbye. Aliens will randomly steal your experience points.

However, there are a number of ways to minimize the impact that they have on your operation. Read on to find out how!

The main way to stifle the gangsters forever is by purchasing the safe. You’ll be able to buy it when you reach level 7, and once you have it, you can stick all of your money and weed in there. After doing so, you can tell the gangsters to piss off, and they’ll rob the place as usual, but they won’t take any of your money or your pot.

Before level 7, though, you’re going to have a rough time, but there are ways to minimize the impact so that you don’t get permanently screwed if they rob you. First tip is to have a whole bunch of weed growing in pots, and only harvest it when you need it. If you don’t have any weed and the gangsters show up and you don’t have bribery money, leave them at the door (don’t answer) and load your pots with weed so you have something to work with when they ransack you.

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The cop can be mostly dealt with by installing miniblinds, which you can get at level 8. However, up until that point, you’ll get a LOT of cop visits, so you better have the money to bribe them; if you don’t, they will steal all of your money, weed, and all of your pots. Minimize the damage by leaving them at the door, growing a bunch of weed and sticking that (and your cash) into the safe, then leaving the pots empty when you answer the door.

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To stop the cops from ever taking anything, tell them to “piss off” when your pots have no plants in them. Officer Malone won’t mess with any of the pots that don’t have any weed growing in them. He’ll only steal the ones that have plants growing or already grown and waiting to be harvested.

Alternatively, with both of them, if you don’t have the money, leave them at the door, and your customers will still show up, albeit more slowly than they otherwise would. Sell to your customers until you have enough bribery money to pay them off, and you’ll really minimize the damage that you’d take from them. Eventually they’ll bust through the door but not before giving you time to sell to some customers. It takes about five minutes with them at the door.

Finally, at level 10 you will be able to buy a shotgun from Mike the plumber. Once you have this, you’ll be able to blow away the gangsters, which will earn you some cash. At level 11, the alien will come and take all of your experience points, though, so you will need to keep buying a painting from Mary the artist to put on the wall so that the alien can steal that instead.

If the alien comes by and you don’t have a picture, wait for Mary to show back up. Let the alien chill at the door until she does – he won’t barge in for awhile, just like the cop and the gangsters won’t. Wait for her to show back up, then when she does, smoke a joint or a bong with her for a discount on the picture, and then purchase it. Then let the alien in and he won’t do any harm to your weed or cash.

If you end up getting hit by the gangsters early on in the game and end up with no money, no weed and no plants, there’s two ways to recover the game. Do the share button trick (hit the share button and then pick a share method, and then go back to the game without sharing. Or share via email to yourself). Then you’ll get 100 free cash. Do this up to ten times per day. If you’ve used them all and then you get your stuff stolen, use your shares tomorrow.

Alternatively, you can also begin a new game by pausing and hitting the new game option. You’ll start back over from level 1 with your starting cash and starting weed. Build back up from here, and be smarter about keeping reserves from here on out. At least keep seeds and water in reserve so that you can plant, grow and sell immediately after you get hit by them.

You can always make an in-app purchase if you want to restore a lot of cash quickly. One dollar will net you a thousand cash, three dollars will earn you 10,000 cash, 10 dollars will get you 100,000 cash and 30 dollars will get you one million dollars in cash.

As for the cop, if you don’t have enough money to pay him off, leave him at the door for as long as you can, but just in case, stick all of your cash and weed in the safe. Make sure to have at least some backup cash so you can buy another pot, and if you don’t even have 1,000 for a pot, then do the share trick again. Or as stated before, set the time on your phone ahead to finish your weed plants automatically, then harvest all of them and tell him to piss off.

Once you reach level 14, you’ll have the option to purchase the panties from Sandy. They’ll go right up onto your wall, right where Mary’s painting goes. If the cop comes and the panties are on the wall, he won’t steal any pots even if they do have plants in them. Tell him to piss off, and he’ll just steal the panties instead. Considering how easy it is to keep him off your back by just emptying out your pots, though, it’s kind of pointless to buy the panties.

The alien might be a nuisance, but when you are actively trying to level up, use him to your advantage. Build up as big of a stash of weed as you can while you are waiting for the alien to show up. Then when the alien shows up, trade him the huge stash of weed for his experience points. He trades experience for weed at a 1:3 ratio, so if you give him 3,000 weed, he will give you 1,000 experience points.

Another way to use him to your advantage is with the available in app purchase. Tap on the option that says “Warp to another level”. You’ll have the option to pay money in order to immediately gain an experience level off of him. Use this only if you have just gained a level or have no extra experience, but if you’re already pretty close to leveling up, then don’t bother. Of course, he will go away after you do this.

A glitched way to get all three of them to go away is to wait for Lucy the stripper to show up after one of these three guys shows up. Do a lapdance with her, and tip her all the way through until she strips completely. Back out, but stay in her menu. Then get back into the lapdance and tip her again and the game will crash. Reopen the game, and often, the cop, gangsters or alien will have simply disappeared with no trace in sight.

If you have a ton of cash and you want to upgrade all of your pots (say, after you unlock the alien pots), just plant weed in your lower tier pots and wait for the cop to show up. Tell him to piss off and let him take away your old pots. Then buy your new alien pots and start using them without ever having to worry about water again.