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Weed Firm – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 4

Notice how the cop (Mr. Malone) and the gangsters Jesus and Jamal always seem to demand more money? There’s math behind it. The cop will demand 500 cash for every experience level, and the gangsters will demand 300 cash for every experience level. If the gangsters don’t get their money, they will steal all of your weed and cash (except for what’s in the safe). The cop will leave your cash and harvested weed alone, but he’ll steal any pot that has a plant in it.

Whenever you need to buy something from somebody (the bong or the safe or the turntable, for example), before you purchase it, have them smoke a joint with you (or, after you hit level 8 and purchase it, a bong). You’ll get a discount this way and save a massive overall amount of money on the purchase.

The bong has a different list of characters that it works on, somewhat. For example, the model and the hardcore partier will respond well almost every time, but the nurse and the mechanic absolutely hate it. If one of them refuses to buy anymore, though, then just give them a joint and there’s a chance they will want to buy again, and buy even more. If the bong is successful, though, don’t give them a joint afterwards or the offer will almost always fall. The only time that it won’t is if the offer was dropped by smoking the bong in the first place (this happens often with the mechanic). Ditto for if you give them the joint first.

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The cop and the gangster will stand at the door for around five minutes until you either let them in or tell them to piss off. You can let them sit if you don’t have the money to pay up and you have plants in your pots (in the cop’s case) or if you need to stick stuff in the safe (in the gangster’s case). The only negative effect will be that customers will come by more slowly because one of the slots will be taken.

Want quick experience points aside from the usual ways? Play a record on the turntable, then while playing the record, sell the weed. Double down by giving every customer a joint and a bong, and then selling them the weed. That’s a base amount of 4 exp apiece, times whatever your record’s multiplier is.

Plant as many potted plants as possible. You’ll have a hard time keeping up with consumer demand by the time you buy your hardwood, and especially by the time you unlock the bong (if you use it regularly). Place the weed inside and grow every plant at once. Grow enough at a time and you won’t even need to do the time lapse cheat to have enough weed.

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