Weed Firm – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide, Page 3

When you hit level 5, Lee can sell you a safe. If you put your money and weed in the safe, it will be protected from the gangsters when they come to the door. Tell them to piss off, and as usual, they will steal all of the money and weed that is not protected by the safe, so the more that’s in the safe, the better.

As previously mentioned, if you share via one of the many methods in the in-game store, you will earn 100 free coins, and you can do this up to 10 times per day. The money goes right into your stash the second you select a share method though, so you don’t have to follow through with the share in order to earn the free money. Plus, if you want to regenerate the free cash shares right away, then set the time on your phone ahead by one day.

Make sure to save up a lot of cash because you will need it in order to go all the way through the lapdance. Finish the lapdance minigame and you will earn a massive experience bonus, far more than anything you earn even from the quests on the blackboard early on in the game.

When you unlock new pots and you want to get rid of the old pots, tap on the table that’s holding the pot, and you will have the option to get rid of it. Don’t get rid of any unless you completely run out of room for new pots, though, because the more pots you have, the faster that you can grow high numbers of product.

If you want to earn the most cash per weed sold, forget about rolling a joint with Ryan the unemployed guy because it almost never works. Always roll a joint with Jane the stripper and with the cheerleader, though, because they will ALWAYS want to buy more from you afterwards.

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