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Weed Firm: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Glitches

Weed Firm is the wildly popular new pot-growing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Think of it as a lemonade stand game, but with weed. Thanks to gangsters, cops, and aliens constantly stealing your cash, pot and experience points, it’s also a frustrating and challenging game, despite its simplicity. Read on for the top 25 tips, tricks, strategies, cheats and glitches (in no particular order) for Weed Firm!

25) Stop the gangsters from ruining your game.
Jesus and Jhamal have ruined countless gaming experiences in Weed Firm, if you believe the countless complaints on the App Store review page. Mitigate this by having a stash of seeds and water at all times, so that you can grow again immediately afterwards. Wait as long as you can to answer the door if you don’t have the cash ($300 per experience level) to pay them off, so that you can sell to customers (who still come up to the door) and sell to them so that you can either build up the payoff money or buy some seeds and water.

24) Buy the safe to make the gangsters harmless.
Once you hit level 5, you can buy a safe from Lee the mechanic. Stash your cash and weed inside it whenever the gangsters knock. Then after you do that, answer the door and tell them to piss off, and they won’t get the weed. You won’t need to pay them off ever again after you do this.

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23) Use the time-lapse trick to speed up the growth of weed.
Wanna help your plants finish growing right away? Set the time ahead after you plant and water them. Do this in the settings on your phone. Then go to the game and you will be able to harvest it immediately. You’ll have to slide it off the screen and then back on the screen at first, though, then it will show up.

22) Tap on the stools underneath the pots to get rid of old pots when you want to buy new ones.
When you tap, you’ll have the option to throw the pots away. This is how you replace the clay pots with metal ones, and then the metal ones with alien ones. However, don’t do this if you don’t have all 12 pot spaces filled. You should always have the maximum number of pots in your grow house.

21) Take advantage of the glitch in Jane’s lapdance to gain double the experience points.
Do the entire lapdance to strip her naked, and you’ll get 110 total experience points. After you finish, tap on the lapdance icon again and the first tip will say “-0 cash, +100 experience”, then the game will crash. Reopen Weed Firm and you’ll have an extra 110 experience, for a total of 220. It’s possible that this one will be fixed after a future update, though.

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