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Weed Firm: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Glitches, Page 2

20) Use the share buttons to earn 100 free cash apiece.
Go to the in-game store and look toward the bottom of the screen for the share button. Hit the share button and then choose one of the social network options (or email). After choosing an option, you can either share or simply go back to the game. Either way, you’ll have 100 free cash. You can do this up to 10 times a day.

19) Use the time lapse trick again for unlimited shares.
Do 10 shares per day in the in game store. After your ten shares are done for the day, go to the date and time settings for your phone, and then set the time ahead by 24 hours (or 25 hours, since the game can sometimes be slow to register time). Then go back to Weed Firm and you will be able to do your shares all over again. Repeat this as many times as you like.

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18) Make the cop go away by harvesting all your weed before answering the door.
The cop is annoying because he’ll steal all of your pots if you are growing anything in them. Harvest all of your weed before you answer the door, though. When you answer the door, tell him to piss off, and if your pots are empty, he will leave them alone. He’ll (oddly) leave your cash and weed alone regardless of whether or not they are in the safe.

17) Any time that you buy a big ticket item from a customer, give them a joint or a bong first.
If you do this, you’ll get a discount ranging from 30% off to 50% off, depending on the item. The biggest discount is from Mary, who drops the painting price from 7,000 to 3,500. This is one of the biggest money savers in the entire game.

16) Buy the couch for a boost in experience points.
When you buy the couch from the MILF, you’ll get a boost that’s so subtle, you won’t even notice it. Your experience points for selling to a customer will increase from 1 to 2. This adds up over time, and this also doubles any experience point boost you gain from playing a vinyl record and selling weed.

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