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Weed Firm: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Glitches, Page 5

5) Increase your profit margins by refusing to sell to lame customers.
The lamest customers that you will ever come across are Ryan and Mary, as they typically only buy one from you, for the lowest price possible, and using the bong or the joint has absolutely no effect on them most of the time. Just tell them to piss off, and sell to the customers who give you a lot of money or buy a high number of weed instead.

4) If a customer responds poorly to a bong or a joint, then smoke them out using the other one.
This doesn’t apply to Mary, who never responds well to either one, or Ryan, who rarely responds well to the joint and never responds well to the bong. This is true for the customers whose responses vary to either one of these. If they don’t like the first one, give them the second one and there is a chance you can still sell to them, and for more than you originally would have been able to as well.

3) Stuck on “11/12” on one of the quests?
The main thing to do when this happens is to simply be patient. You might not realize it, but oftentimes one specific customer will disappear off of the game for half an hour to an hour at a time. They will show up eventually, though, so keep waiting for them to come, and if you don’t remember who they are, then (since this applies to the bong and joint quests) smoke everyone out until you finally hit 12/12.

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2) If you do decide to make an in-app purchase of cash, skip the 99 cent one.
It’s true in most games that the more expensive purchase is the best deal, but it’s ESPECIALLY true in this one. 1 dollars gets you 1,000 cash, three dollars gets you 10,000 cash, 10 dollars gets you 100,000 cash, and 30 dollars will get you 1,000,000 cash. It doesn’t take a wizard to see which one is the best deal.

1) Some quests just won’t complete, so you will have to wait for an update from the developers to fix that glitch.
The most notorious example of a quest that will not complete is that ridiculous quest at level 12 where you have to get Jane to strip completely naked. Even if you do, the quest just won’t complete, and there is nothing that can be done to fix that aside from waiting for an upgrade to the game. It will come along eventually, but until then, just complete all of the other quests and leave this one alone.

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