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Weed Firm: Full Walkthrough – Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Page 3

There’s only four different types of water. Small bottles add only 20 percent to your water, while big bottles add 50 percent to the water bar. The big bottle 6-pack saves you an average of 20% per big bottle. The watering can fills your water to 100 percent, no matter how low it is. All in all, the big bottle 6-pack is the best deal out of all of them. You’ll rarely find yourself buying any of the others aside from for the purpose of finishing quests.

Fertilizers are a totally optional purchase, but they can be useful. The standard fertilizer is the booster, which will double the speed of any weed growth. The nitro will triple it, the hydro will quadruple it, and the alien fertilizer, the top one, will make it grow at about 5x the speed. They are expensive for what they do, though.

Vinyls will allow you to multiple your experience point gain with almost anything you do, aside from the lapdance (more on that later). You’ll unlock raggae, punk rock, dubstep, and alien trance at various points in the game. They will give you a 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x multiplier, respectively; however, each song is also a different length, so don’t forget to take that into account. You’ll have to listen to find out the length of each song and time them, since you won’t really know how long they actually are otherwise.

Customizations can be purchased for various effects. All but one of them will increase the flow of customers; those being the wooden floors, the normal wallpaper, and then the lion wallpaper, all of which will make customers come by more frequently. The miniblinds will stop the cops from visiting so often; it will cut cop visits into roughly 1/2 of what they originally are.

When you talk to a customer, you can either sell them weed straight up, tell them to piss off, or give them a joint first. Joints tend to have different effects on different customers, as far as how much weed they will want to buy and how much they will pay per weed. Some, such as Ultimator, Sandy, Nancy and others, respond very well to the joints. Others, such as Ryan and Mary, rarely do, while the rest tend to be spotty.

Starting at level 7, you can buy the bong from Bob. This tends to get far better responses from most customers, but Lee, Mary, Ryan and Mike will literally never respond well to the bong. Others, such as Nancy, Ultimator and Bob, will always respond well to the bong, and will want to buy large amounts of weed for good prices.

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