World of Warships Blitz: Top Tips and Cheats to Rule the Seas

World of Warships Blitz is Wargaming’s latest entry into the wildly popular series of MMO mobile and browser games. Your goal is to rule the seas by force using one of many ships, each of which comes with all kinds of firepower. You and other players will form up into teams to take on opposing teams, or you’ll all simply try to kill each other. You can upgrade ships and guns as well as earn silver and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for World of Warships Blitz!

While it’s tempting to charge into battle guns-a-blazing, use your teammates for cover and backup. Stick close to your team and move at their general movement speed – not too far behind and not too far forward. Cover your teammates by hiding behind them and then firing over them at opposing ships that try to launch attacks. Hide behind natural objects such as rocks for extra cover.

When you aim at your opponent, take into account their movement direction and speed. Don’t aim right at them. Use the binoculars and try to aim either ahead of them or, if they are moving slowly enough, right at their nose. If you can close the gap, switch to torpedoes, which are slow but do massive amounts of damage, and fire them well ahead of your moving enemy so that they smash into their ship on time.

Continue to upgrade as you level up and earn more gold. You’ll be able to buy more ships, more guns, and better guns for your ships. As you gain levels, you’ll unlock new upgrades, and achievements and rewards will net you more stuff to use to buy your upgrades.

Keep moving and using directional changes to strike the best balance between offense and defense and to throw off your enemies. If you move in one direction for too long, you become easier to hit because they know exactly where to aim every time. Turn wisely, moving to the side for maximum shooting but then turning again when your shots are fired, and never stay on one heading for too long.

Gold costs real-life money to buy, but you can earn some free gold, as well as a lot more free stuff (silver, experience, materials, supplies and equipment) by completing the various achievements and missions that are given throughout the game. Go to the missions menu to see what you need to do for the rewards. You have daily missions and career missions, as well as free daily login bonuses.