Book of Life: Sugar Smash – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Book of Life: Sugar Smash is a new Candy Crushalike for iPhone and iPad based off the new animated movie The Book of Life. The game features the main characters from the move, plus familiar match-three gameplay across hundreds of stages, with a number of power ups and a whole lot of strategy. Read on for some tips and tricks for Book of Life: Sugar Smash!

You start off this game with five lives, and while you keep a life if you beat a stage, you’ll lose a life whenever you run out of moves on a stage, or when you quit. Once you run out of all five lives, then you’ll have to wait until at least one of them comes back. Or you can go to the date and time settings and set your device ahead to restore your lives.

Set the time ahead by anywhere between half an hour if you want to restore only one life, and two and a half hours if you are trying to restore all five lives. Then set the time on your device back to normal and you’ll still keep your extra life or lives. You can do this trick as many times as you want to to play for an endless amount of time.


If you don’t want to mess with the time you can always go on Facebook and ask your friends for lives. If you don’t have any friends who play the game you can always go to the App Store review page or anywhere else where people post their Facebook info such as forums. Then add them and all of you can send lives back and forth to each other. Be sure to wait until you need lives to collect them or they will just be wasted.

For the most part the gameplay is similar to Candy Crush except that there is a new special piece. You have your usual line breaker (4x in a row makes this one) and rainbow piece that collects all of one color (made by a 5x) but you also have the pinata piece, which blows up 3×3 lines, and an X piece, which blows up all pieces in the shape of an X on the board.

Mix two of any of these pieces for huge effect. Mixing the pinata with the line breaker or X breaker does the same thing, except 3 wide, and mixing one of these pieces with the rainbow block will turn every piece of that color into the specified special piece, while mixing 2 rainbow pieces together will cause every single piece on the board to disappear.