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Top War: Battle Game – Max Level Guide: How To Level Up Quickly

Top War: Battle Game is a unique new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms where you merge to upgrade your troops and buildings, instead of having to wait for long periods of time. This means that the gameplay is faster and more active.

As you level up and gain experience points, you will be able to build an upgraded far more, and far more powerful types of staff, but often times, gaining experience levels can’t seem like a chore that takes forever to do. However, there are much faster ways to do it.

Read on for a fall guide on how to gain experience levels quickly, how to get to the max level as fast as possible, and more in Top War: Battle Game!

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Leveling up quickly in this game is all about staying active. The key is to always, always, always be upgrading and battling. The more of that you do, the faster your level will get higher; there are ways to maximize your return for the time invested, though.

When you are out in the world area, battle against as high Level enemies as you can possibly be. The game will tell you if it thinks they are too tough, so as long as you don’t get that warning, fight away. Be sure to use the option that lets you do five battles at once in order to maximize your return on the time invested.

In general, it’s usually the better idea to stay away from attacking other players, at least until you are at a higher level. While the spoils of victory are good, you might find yourself in the crosshairs of not only the other player, but also the entire alliance that they are a member of. Being a member of an alliance yourself, though, can be a deterrent to you getting picked on.

You will load up on gold and upgrade components by engaging in numerous battles, so use those to continuously upgrade everything that you possibly can, and even upgrade the stuff that you don’t use all that often. Your barracks are an obvious upgrade, as are the type of troops that you can make by merging, but also build new buildings, upgrade them if you can, and merge them.

Do every possible upgrade inside your war room, including upgrading your war room itself. The more that you upgrade it, the more you will be able to upgrade everything else, including your buildings and troops. Plus, you will earn more all important experience points by doing so.

Gold and other resources are especially necessary to construct more buildings, so when you get late enough in the game where you have to really start racking up the gold, send your troops out to occupy gold mines for long periods of time while you are off-line. Do the same thing for other resources as needed, so that you always have plenty whenever you get back.


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