Castle Clash – Attack Guide – How to win in dungeons and against other players

Castle Clash allows you to hire heroes, train an army, and then send your troops to destroy other players bases. To do this you need to have troops and heroes, and you also need to have a winning battle strategy that is adaptable to any players’ defense. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more heroes, more troops, and have a chance at becoming completely unstoppable. Read on for the Castle Clash attack guide!

You’ll start off with only one basic troop, which is the short range attack are known as the Guardian. After you build your training center, you can very quickly unlock the Archer, the Pyromancer, and the Treant. The Archer is your basic long-range attacking through, while the Pyromancer is a stronger, secondary long range trip. The Treant is a heavily armored short range attacker that walks slowly, does a fairly significant amount of damage, and has an extremely high amount of health. After that, it takes forever to unlock the next troop types, so let’s focus on those four for now.

When attacking, your best bet is to send all of your troops in at once, in one specific area. Your ideal area will be close to one of the enemy watchtowers, so that your troops can take them out first then reduce the amount of damage that is done to them when they are targeting other buildings.

Out of these four troops, the archers are your overall best bet, as they only take up two housing spaces and, when deployed in large numbers, will do significant amounts of damage to any buildings. Guardians only take up one housing space each, thus they can be deployed in massive numbers. However, their short range attacks mean that they will take a significant amount of damage in the process. For this reason, Treants are excellent to send in first so that you can distract enemy watchtowers and army troops, while Pyromancers, when deployed in small numbers, can standback, once powerful attacks, and cover the Guardians.

Right from the outset, you can build a hero camp, and purchase a hero at your heroes alter to place in the camp. Your heroes can be hired with gems, HB or hero shards. Gems and hero shards are fairly rare, but once you build an arena, HB will be in high number. Purchase a hero at the altar, place it at your hero camp, and you will be able to send it into battle to lead the charge.

Your hero starts off at level one. As it continues to participate in more battles, it will gain experience levels. Once your hero reaches level 20, you will have to upgrade it at the heroes alter in order to enable it to continue gaining experience levels. Each experience level gained results in higher attack, higher defense, and higher health.

If your hero gets killed in battle, it will have to wait in order to recover. The higher the heroes experience level, the longer the recovery time will be, but usually it will never be more A few minutes. However, if you are impatient enough that you need your hero for the next battle right away, you can spend 10 gems in order to have it healed instantly.

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