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AFK Football: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

AFK Football is a new idol soccer game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to field the best possible team that you can buy constantly enhancing and upgrading your players, as well as finding new and rare players and adding them to your team. You can play matches against computer controlled teams, against other players, and more, while earning diamonds and gold coins and achieving VIP status.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for AFK Football!

It might seem tough to beat the opposing teams at First, but as you gain experience and coins, you will be able to level your players up. This increases their total power level, and typically, the team with the higher overall power level is the one that’s going to win the match every time.

Oddly enough, a completely disproportionate power level does not necessarily mean a lopsided score. Whenever a disproportionate match happens, the player who is super strong will typically stay dribbling the ball until the end of the round, because often times, your defense can become so impenetrable that your offense never gets a chance to play.

You can earn idle income for every minute that you’re off-line, up until a certain point, so try to collect that regularly in order to maximize your prizes. Whenever you collect it, the timer resets, and the best way to remember to collect it before it maxes out as to set a push notification on your phone so that the game will tell you when it’s ready to collect.

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You can give experience and equipment to any player that you want without worrying about wasting it, because at any point in time, you will be able to reset the experience level of any player, as well as remove their equipment when you take them out of your active starting roster. be sure to do both of these anytime that you get a rarer player to swap in, both for quick levels and so that you don’t waste anything.

There are tons of different rewards that you can earn in this game, and they can be a little bit difficult to keep track of at times, but an easy way to do so is to follow the red!. This symbol will appear next to any icon that has a free reward available within, so whenever you start the game, collect all the rewards that have built up, which will allow you to upgrade and do other boosts before you begin.

Club mode has a whole bunch of different, often the unique gameplay options that you gradually will be able to unlock as you make your way through the game. For example, the gym allows you to ascend players to higher star levels, while the training pitch allows higher level players to share their level with lower level players. The transfers area allows you to trade unwanted players for rewards.

The medical center will reset a star to their original level with no equipment. The mall will allow you to buy all kinds of rare goodies in a number of different stores. The guild hall will let you engage in guild play, teaming up with other players to compete against other groups of players.