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Animal Voyage: Island Adventure – How to get more Coins, Leaves and Crystals

Most construction management games have two types of currency. Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, however, has three types of currency. Coins and leaves are the primary currency. Coins are mainly used to buy new houses for your animals, while leaves are mostly used to expand into new territory. Crystals are the premium currency in Animal Voyage: Island Adventure. Their most important function is to buy new animals and speed up any task that you’re working on, but there are premium decorations that you can purchase using crystals as well. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

You can get more coins very quickly by playing the match three games with your animals. The newer the animal is, the more coins (in general) their match three game will earn you, and the more difficult the game is, the more coins that you’ll earn from it. Easy match three games won’t earn you too many coins, but difficult ones will. The medium difficulty games are the best compromise, because you can still win fairly easily (and if you lose, you don’t earn any coins.

Coins can be earned in a number of other ways as well. When you complete quests, you’ll earn coins almost every time. Coins can be found in the crates that you find around the islands (mostly in the regular brown crates). Animal homes earn coins for you, so whenever you see a coin icon appearing above an animal home, you can collect.

Leaves can also be earned by quests. The main way to earn leaves, though, is simply by chopping down every piece of grass, stumps, trees or other obstacles that you can find. Whenever you need more leaves, just send animals out on a voyage, make sure you have enough food to keep their energy high, and go chop down everything that you see.

Gems can be earned in a few ways. Oftentimes, when you open a golden crate, you’ll earn free gems as a reward for opening it. Some quests, such as the quest to repair the Tower of Time, will earn you free gems as a reward when you complete them. These quests, though, are few and far between. Mostly, though, you can only get a high number of gems by buying them in the store.