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Asphalt: Street Storm – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Asphalt: Street Storm is a new racing game in the Asphalt series for the iOS and Android platforms by Gameloft. The racing in this game is strictly drag racing, like in the CSR series of games, but with a social-media twist to it, and your goal is to win races and amass followers with your cool cars. Keep inning braces and money and you can upgrade from a hot hatch all the way up to Bugatti Chirons and LaFerraris. Read on or some tips and tricks for Asphalt: Street Storm!

One of the more unique gameplay mechanics is the ability to take a head start in any race. You can launch early, so long as you avoid going over the starting line before the “GO” goes off. Generally, the best timing is to hit the launch button halfway between 1 and GO. You’ll get a good-sized head start this way but you won’t trip the line. This is the absolute key to beating the tougher players.

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There is a MASSIVE amount of upgrades that you can install on your car. Even the ones that don’t seem to make sense, such as an alternator upgrade, will have a positive effect on your car. You can instant-install all of the type 1 upgrades immediately without having to spend any gems. Make sure to upgrade your tires to 1 level above everything else, though, as you’ll get a lot of wheel spin as your car starts to get extremely powerful.

Almost the only time that the upgrades mean something, though, is against the computer-controlled players. If you are playing against other players, the auto-matching in the game will reroll the list any time that you upgrade your car. So if your car is more powerful, their cars will be more powerful to match your car. That makes it so that the actual launch and shift timing, as well as NOS use, become the most important aspect of the game.

If you challenge another player, they will be able to control the bet, and if you turn down the bet, that counts as a bet lost, even though you won’t lose the money (or the car depending on if they race for pinks or not). Instead, go to the race menu, let the game sit for a bit and wait for another player to challenge you. That way, you will be able to control the bet so you only have to risk as much or as little as you want to.

If you want to speed up an upgrade right away, you can watch a video ad and when it’s complete, the upgrade will be done. The same goes for car repairs. Hit the Giveaways button on the main menu to get an ad to pop up, as well, for a free prize at the end of the ad.