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Battle Odyssey: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Battle Odyssey is a new anime-style match three game for the iOS and Android platforms, as well as for Windows and Windows Phone. Think of it as a 3D, high-tech spin on the Puzzle and Dragons formula, done Gameloft style with the requisite big-budget production. Just like that game, though, this one has hundreds of characters to find and unlock, to place into your party in some way, and then use in battle or use for evolving and enhancing others. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battle Odyssey!

Want a quick way to add friends aside from adding them after battles? Go to a Facebook group for the game or look for people’s codes to pop up in the universal chat, and then add them in the social area by adding their code. Look in the comments section of this article, too, for people to post their codes. Or post your code if you want people to add you.

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Be sure to have a diverse set of elements on your team so that you have no dead spots in your lineup. However, if you know that a tough battle is going to mainly consist of one specific element, use two or three of the strong element in battle against it. Fire beats earth, which beats wind, which beats water which beats fire. Sun and moon beat each other.

Some monsters can’t be used in battle or are nearly worthless in battle; this is usually because they are specifically to be used in enhancing or evolving your monsters. Don’t use the evolve material cards for enhancing, though. You will get very little value out of them compared to how much you could get in an evolution scenario.

Go to the settings menu for stuff such as changing your name. Changing your name can be done on the profile menu of the settings area. You can reset your account or transfer your account between an iOS and an Android device (or from iOS to iOS and Android to Android) by going to Cross Play or Reset Account.

Be sure to summon from the elite portal as often as you can, as this is where your rare characters are going to come from. Put rares in your party even if they overlap an element (maybe) unless you are already loaded up with powerful rares or with the same element.