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Boom Pilot: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Boom Pilot is an old-school space shooter for the iOS and Android platforms where you fly a plane, blast through obstacles and enemies, and purchase all sorts of upgrades for your plane and your weapons. You can unlock all sorts of new planes and various other flying machines as well as fight against tougher and tougher bosses and enemies in a long assortment of levels.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Boom Pilot!

From the start, the sensitivity of the swiping will be overwhelming to all except players who enjoy really sensitive screens or who play on a tablet. To fix this, go to the settings menu and set the sensitivity lower. Start with the lowest sensitivity and then gently work your way up, testing it by playing a game after choosing a new sensitivity.

The main name of the game is survival. If you get hit, you lose a life (a heart), and if you lose all of your hearts, you die. If you lose just one of your hearts, you no longer have the possibility of earning a full three-star score. Avoid getting hit at all costs.

When you blow up enemies or other objects, watch for the coins (which look like golden doughnuts) and collect them quickly before they disappear, which they will about six seconds after they appear. Look for the coins flying down the screen randomly, too, as they will be worth seven times what a standard coin is worth. They’re your biggest shot at earning a lot of coins.

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The first upgrade that you should buy right off the bat is the Cargo, from the hangar. The bonus with the Cargo is that it doubles the amount of coins earned for every single coin that you collect, thereby allowing you to buy every upgrade much more quickly than you otherwise would have. Once you have the Cargo, then start in on the rest of the upgrades.

The upgrades are to your firepower, critical hit damage, and lives. The damage upgrade lets you kill any enemy or blow up any target faster. The critical upgrade increases your probability of scoring a critical hit. The lives upgrade increases the amount of hits that you can take before dying.

There are two ways to earn coins really quickly. One is to go through each stage, collect every coin, especially the fast coins that appear randomly, and then at the end of the level, watch an ad video in order to multiply the coins that you just earned through that stage.

Another is, if you just want to watch ad videos and earn coins fast, go and claim the treasure box next to the upgrades. Then tap it again and watch an ad video to skip the cool-down. Do this over and over again to rack up huge numbers of coins until you can afford any plane and any upgrade that you want.


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