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Bouncing Ball (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bouncing Ball is Ketchapp’s newest smash-hit quick play endless game for the iOS and Android (they have about a million of these by now). Your goal here is to control the perpetually-bouncing red ball and run it past as many spikes as you can. It’s actually much different from the other Red Ball games that took over the App Store a couple of years back – unlike those, this one is completely original. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bouncing Ball by Ketchapp!

Be sure to hit the screen before you hit the spikes. You have a fairly decent margin for error when it comes to this, but don’t wait too long to hit the screen or you might find yourself pouncing right on top of a spike when you do. Instead, it’s actually better to hit the screen a slight bit early so that you can fly right over the spike when the ball is at it’s highest.

As your score increases, look for more obstacles to show up on the stage and mess with your progress. For example, you will see the elevation of the ground change right as you hit the 10 point range, so you will have to judge distances differently when you hit the ball. The size of the ball will also increase, as will the speed of the bounce, forcing you to take that into account as well.

Keep an eye out for those little floating squares that appear frequently. Once you collect one, the color palette will change, but if you pass it by and you don’t collect it, then the color won’t change. So if you like the current color of the game, then avoid the floating squares, but if you want to change it, collect them.

The ads can be quite a bit annoying sometimes because they pop up so frequently. If you get sick of them then close out the game, turn on Airplane mode, then open the game back up and play it again. Everything will work normally, but the ads will stop appearing because they require an internet connection in order to load.

Of course, you will need an internet connection in order to use the ads for a purpose that benefits you, and that is to watch an ad to restart the game after you lose. Hit the button that says “watch an ad to revive” and a video will pop up allowing you to do just that. Once the video is done, you will start back up and keep your score.

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