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Brain Sharp: Funny Questions – All 272+ Levels, Answers, Walkthrough, and Solutions

Brain Sharp: Funny Questions is a new trick question game by Shapekeeper for the iOS and Android, which has become so popular that it even inspired its own sequel, titled Brain Hero: Become the King.

Your goal in this game is to, of course, answer questions and solve problems using a variety of ridiculous new methods, such as shaking the phone, answering math problems, turning your phone, or thinking outside the box to answer a question in a way that you didn’t initially think of.

Read on for all of the answers and solutions to Brain Sharp: Funny Questions! (And if you want to download the aforementioned sequel, click here to download Brain Hero: Become the King [currently only available on the iOS App Store])

Level 1: to find the biggest fruit, ignore the size of all of the fruit pictures and tap on the watermelon, because it is the biggest fruit in real life.

Level 2: To find the letter J, look in the upper right hand area of the picture. That’s where the J is hidden.

Level 3: How many reindeer are there? To count them all, count the reindeer pictures plus the word “reindeer” in the question. There are 9 total reindeer.

Level 4: what direction is the hand pointing to? Look at the word on the button, not the direction itself. The correct answer is left.

Level 5: to turn the computer off after it crashed, use your finger to move the entire computer out of the way to reveal a switch. Turn the switch off to turn the computer off.

Level 6: to find which one is the largest fire, drag all of the fires on top of each other to make one really big fire. Then tap on the really big fire after you do that.

Level 7: to find out what number is under the sleigh, drag the sleigh off of the parking spot to see the number. Then put the same number into the number area and hit OK.

Level 8: to lift the weight, grab each side of the dumbbell with one finger each and lift the weight up into the dotted line.

Level 9: to find the darkest color, tap the question, because the font used for the questions is black, which is the darkest color on the entire screen.

Level 10: To help the baby duck drink water, grab the duck with your finger and move it over to the pond on the ground.

Level 11: to make something that you can eat, grab the red rock, then grab the dust and put it on top of the red rock, and all of a sudden it will look like a steak.

Level 12: To make something that you can eat, move the face off of the sun, then move the entire picture except for the cloud. Put the cloud underneath the sun to make a fried egg.

Level 13: the brightest out of all of the colors is white, so tap the white button.

Level 14: how many words are in Oxford dictionary? The answer is two, “oxford“ and “dictionary“.

Level 15: To click the icons in order, tap them in alphabetical order. Tap the apple, then the book, then the cat.

Level 16: To find the different one, move all of the snowman out of the way with your finger to find a smaller snowman. That’s the different one.

Level 17: What direction is the flashlight pointing? The answer is “all wrong” because the flashlight is turned off.

Level 18: To get the fish through the barrier, grab the fish with your finger and drag it to the cat.

Level 19: Which cup is the biggest? The woman on the right has the largest cup size, so it’s her.

Level 20: to find the treasure map, move that rock onto the egg in order to break it. The treasure map will pop out of the egg.

Level 21: Where is Asia? Tap on the word “Asia“ in the question; that is the correct answer.

Level 22: to wake up the owl, grab the sun using your finger and drag it down off the screen. Owls wake up at night.

Level 23: To eat the fish, jump twice, then back down one step and step to the back of your new step. Then jump again until you get to the fish.

Level 24: find all eight animals, including the human. Also, tap on the clouds over and over to make rain, which causes a worm to appear. This is a hidden animal.

Level 25: To make sure every plate holds a bread, put one bread each on two of the plates, then take the word bread out of the question and put it on the third plate.

Level 26: To help the baby fall asleep, take your phone and rock it up and down like you would rock a baby. The baby will eventually fall asleep.

Level 27: Just to relax, take the dart and use it to pop all of the balloons. This is meant to be an easy question, so there are no tricks added to the question.

Level 28: How many black spots are in the picture? The answer is zero; the picture is an optical illusion.

Level 29: If you fold a 0.01 cm piece of paper in half four times, how thick will it be? It will still be 0.01 cm; it will just be folded.

Level 30: How do you make the reindeer eat the grass? Simple, ignore all of the buttons and drag the grass over to the reindeer.

Level 31: To move the sleigh over to the stop sign on the left, simply drag it off of the right side of the screen and it will reappear on the left side of the screen.

Level 32: To finish the puzzle, put all four of the pieces together in the shape of a heart.

Level 33: To make 71+1=1 work, take the equation and drag it off the left side of the screen with your finger until the 7+ disappears, making it 1=1.

Level 34: Which one is the tallest one? The sun is the tallest one, so tap on the sun.

Level 35: To open the door to room 704 (pay attention to this room number for later), tap on the door over and over again until the person inside lets you in.

Level 36: To let the balloon go up safely, use one finger to stop a dart and block all of the other darts, then use another finger to move the balloon up past them.

Level 37: How many triangles are in a pentagram? There are a total of 11 triangles in this particular one.

Level 38: The question says press this button 100 times. Tap on the 00 in the question to get rid of it, then press the button one time. Alternatively, you can try to pass the button 100 times, but the game will get annoyed and pass you after about 50 presses.

Level 39: How many candles are there? Tap and drag all of the candles to find hidden ones. The answer is 10.

Level 40: To choose two of the same ones, simply choose the same one twice.

Level 41: To jump to 200m, move the measurement scale downward to get to the 200m mark, and then jump.

Level 42: go back to level 35 to find the room number in the previous question. That room number is 704.

Level 43: To help the grandma across the street, grab the street and move it to the other side of the Grandma.

Level 44: To win the game of tic-tac-toe, tap on two of the squares at the same time to put two circles down at the same time and make a line.

Level 45: To hide the cat, tap and drag the cat off of the right side of the screen.

Level 46: To find the hidden heart, place the swans facing each other bill to bill and their necks will combine to form a heart.

Level 47: To drag the photo into the photo frame, grab the words “the photo“ out of the question and put them in the frame.

Level 48: The Guinness world record is 200 times. To break it, simply tap on the Guinness world records logo over and over until it breaks.

Level 49: Which one of the following is uneatable? Tap on the plate sitting underneath the bacon, because technically, that’s the only thing that you can’t eat the picture.

Level 50: How many holes are in the beach pants? There are seven holes total; the waist, the legs, the fly, and the three rips.

Level 51: Zozo Overslept, so to wake her up, swipe left on the door knob and the door will open, and her mom will come in and wake her up.

Level 52: To help them cross the river, do a zoom in motion on the boat with your fingers in order to expand it. They will then be able to walk across the boat.

Level 53: To tap a butterfly above the text, move the question down below the picture of the actual butterfly, and then tap on the butterfly picture after that.

Level 54: To create a rectangle, move the square partially off of the screen so that enough of it is obscured to turn the square into a rectangle.

Level 55: To help Tom get her attention, grab her purse with your finger and give it to Tom, and she will chase after him.

Level 56: To give him three beans, give him the first two, then tilt the phone to make a hammer appear. Use the hammer to smash the wall and find the third bean.

Level 57: To give him four, simply give him the number “four” out of the question.

Level 58: To open the safe, use your finger to drag the safe out of the way, and find the key hidden behind it. Take the key and put it in the safe’s keyhole.

Level 59: To find the chick, start putting chickens on top of each other and then moving them again until the chick pops out.

Level 60: To find the circle, ignore all of the shapes and tap on the period in the question, which is shaped like a circle.

Level 61: To help the two of them get on a blind date successfully, tap the dog on the boy‘a leash 5 to 10 times to make it stand up and show you the heart shape on its hind quarters.

Level 62: Boiling one egg takes four minutes, how long does boiling three eggs take? Also four minutes, because you can boil them together.

Level 63: To light up all of the bulbs, drag the bulb on the right until it’s off of the screen, then tap all three of the “on” switches to light up the other two bulbs at the same time.

Level 64: To lift the elevator, grab the word “elevator” out of the question and lift it upwards, off of the screen.

Level 65: To get her the cake, grab the top right platform by its far left corner, and drag it out of the way, then move the girl to the right so she lands on the cake.

Level 66: Tom’s hen lays an egg in Jack’s yard, who owns the egg? The hen owns the egg, so tap on the word “hen” in the question.

Level 67: When Zoe was 6 years old, Lulu was twice her age. Zoe is now 10 years old, how old is Lulu now? Lulu was 12 when Zoe was 6, so now Lulu is 16 years old.

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Level 68: To turn on the light, grab the lightbulb from the top right corner of the screen, place it into the socket, then hit the button to turn on the light.

Level 69: You have to win the game of tic-tac-toe again. To win it this time, drag the circle from next to the word “You” and place it on the board, then tap to make another circle and get a tic-tac-toe.

Level 70: Block A and Block B, which one is darker? This is an optical illusion – they are both the same, so tap “same”.

Level 71: How to eat the noodles? Put the noodles in the bowl, then grab the water pitcher and pour it into the bowl. Then place your finger over the bowl for about ten seconds to hold the heat in and cook them.

Level 72: To create a magnitude 6 earthquake, shake your phone as hard as you can, but don’t accidentally throw or break your phone in the process.

Level 73: To move two matchsticks to create an upright chair, move the bottom horizontal stick to the top, and move the top left vertical stick to the bottom right position to make it into a chair leg.

Level 74: To help the bat sleep, hang the phone upside down, since bats sleep hanging upside down.

Level 75: To find the panda, look towards the bottom right area of the picture for the one that has two ears. That one is the hidden panda.

Level 76: This is (not) the last level, but celebrate anyways. Shake the phone until the bottle of champagne pops its top, then tap on the champagne bottle after that.

Level 77: Don’t let mom find the candy! To hide the candy from her, put your finger over the candy for about 3 seconds and it will be hidden from her.

Level 78: To clean their faces, use two fingers to split the paper towel in half, then wipe the kids’ faces with each half of the paper towel.

Level 79: To enter the largest possible number, tap on the two zeroes to put them together and make an infinity symbol.

Level 80: You have ten dollars, so to spend all of your money, take the bread off of the plate, then pay $2 for the plate itself, and $8 for the book.

Level 81: To rescue the guy, give him one of the ring shaped clouds above the chimney and it will become a pool float.

Level 82: To turn off the light to go to sleep, put your phone screen-down and the light will go off.

Level 83: Excuse me, how much should I pay? Remember the prices from the buying questions. Each candy is worth 1 and the bread is worth 10, so pay 12.

Level 84: To get rid of the nasty fly, hold it down with one finger, and then tap it with another finger at the same time to smash it.

Level 85: To wake up the little crocodile, put your finger over its nose to stop its breath, which will cause it to wake up.

Level 86: Which is the cheapest? No tricks here; the bowl is cheapest since it’s only $2.50, so tap on the bowl.

Level 87: What is in the case? Put your finger on the box to hold it in place, then turn your phone upside down to drop the contents of the case out of it.

Level 88: Who would you save, your mom or your girlfriend? They are in a thought bubble, so shake the phone to make the thought bubble go away.

Level 89: How many breads have you bought before? Ignore the picture of the bread; you only bought one bread in previous questions, so the answer is 1.

Level 90: To add one line to make the equation work, take the extra line and change 5+5+5=550 to turn it into 545+5=550.

Level 91: The square and the diamond are the same thing, so tap the fruits from left to right, then the hexagon, then the diamond/square twice.

Level 92: To click on the menu, look for faint gray text at the bottom of the screen that says “menu”, and then click it.

Level 93: Who is the coolest one? This answer has shades of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first” bit to it. Tap on “Who” in the question.

Level 94: Jack wants to drink Minute Maid. So to allow him to do that, drag the bottle of orange soda just to the left of him.

Level 95: Don’t let it ring again! To stop the alarm clock from ringing, click the clock to stop it from moving, then drag the hour hand away from the clock.

Level 96: Which dream do you want? Instead of picking one of the three dreams, tap all three of them with three fingers at the same time.

Level 97: To hit the nail, shake your phone to make a hammer appear. Then drag the hammer over to the phone to hit it.

Level 98: To open the box, grab the box with one finger and the lid with one finger, then pull your fingers apart to pull the lid off of the box.

Level 99: The question asks you to “wait a minute…” so just wait and don’t touch anything. After about 30 seconds or so, you will pass the level.

Level 100: 66+34=? The answer is 100, so tap the 100 in the level number and drag it down next to the equal sign to make 66+34=100.

Level 101: To reply to the “it’s been awhile, greetings/yo” cat, don’t hit any of the answers. Instead, rub the cat with your finger to pet it.

Level 102: What’s the answer? Each equation has another digit added to it, so because 3=215 and 4=3215, 5=43215.

Level 103: To make it so that you can hit the red part of the target, increase the size of the target using your fingers to do a zoom-in motion.

Level 104: How many differences are there between the two pictures? There are eight – two fork prongs, one fork reflection, one chip, two tiny bites taken out of the first cookie, one crack in the first cookie, and part of the shadow to the left of the top-left chocolate chip.

Level 105: Which one is a boy? Pull the hair off the end of the bottom girl’s head to reveal short hair and reveal her as a boy. Then tap her to pass.

Level 106: Tap the blue button ten times, then the red button once, but ignore the counter. Count in your head, because the counter for the blue button skips numbers.

Level 107: What looks most like a puppy’s ear? Tap on the puppy’s ear, because it looks more like a puppy’s ear, because it is one.

Level 108: To keep the scales balanced, take everything out of both sides of the scale and they will even themselves out.

Level 109: To save us from the TNT, use your finger to rub the wick and put it out, so that the bomb does not explode.

Level 110: To count the hairs again, tap the head of the guy to make him turn around so that you can count the hairs on the back of his head. He has a total of 26 hairs.

Level 111: What is between black and white? The answer is the word “and”, so tap on the word in the question.

Level 112: What’s the answer to the cat math? The cat with a paw up is worth 10. The cat head is worth 5. The cat arm is worth 1 each. 5+1×10 = 5+10 = 15.

Level 113: To find all of the candies that the boy hides, tap on his hands to reveal the candies in his hands, then move the “commit” button out of the way to find another candy.

Level 114: Today is Tyke’s two year birthday, so to light the right amount of candles for him, light the middle candle, then tilt your phone sideways to light one of the two side candles.

Level 115: To shoot the basketball into the basket, tap on the backboard three times to get it to drop down to the ground. Then tap the basketball player to shoot the ball.

Level 116: To find the hen again, use two fingers to zoom out on the screen. The hen will show up; tap her to pass.

Level 117: How many apples are in the tree? Shake your phone over and over again to drop apples out until no more apples are falling. The final answer is 6 apples.

Level 118: To help the guy cross the bridge, tap on his car three or four times and he will get out and walk across the bridge.

Level 119: There is a $5 bill and a $50 bill, how do you pick them up? Slide both of them upward at the same time with two fingers in order to pick up both of them at the same time.

Level 120: What is your body temperature now? Put your finger on the base of the thermometer for about five seconds to take your temperature.

Level 121: At night, which one shines the brightest? The Sun, because when it’s night for you, it’s day for others and they can still see the sun.

Level 122: To mix red and blue together, put your finger over the mouth of the test tube and then shake your phone to mix them up.

Level 123: To put everything into the box, put all of the objects into the box, then put both the question and the level inside the box as well.

Level 124: To put the giraffe into the fridge, zoom in on the refrigerator with two fingers to increase its size, then put the giraffe inside of it.

Level 125: To find the answer, count the number of holes in each number combination. For example, 6663 has three holes, because each six has one hole. 8888 has 8 holes, because each 8 has two holes. 6868 = 6.

Level 126: To turn off the light again, swipe left on the light until the light goes out, since the swipe unscrews the lightbulb.

Level 127: To find the biggest one, tap on the number with the largest font size, not the actual largest number. The largest font size belongs to number 10.

Level 128: Write all of the integers from 1 to 199. How many times is the number 1 used? 140 times total. From 1-100 is 20 times, from 101-200 is 120 times.

Level 129: To solve the problem, 0x1-2×3 = -6, but how do you write that? Use the number counter to write 6, then grab the 6 and move it to the right of the – sign to make -6.

Level 130: The little bunny is hungry again. To feed it, grab the fourth heart from the question, give it to the bunny, and the bunny will grow huge. Then just hit the jump button and it will jump over to the carrot.

Level 131: To find the different sheep, shake your phone, and then look at their eyes. The sheep with the dizzy eyes is the one that’s different.

Level 132: If ET left, how many letters would be in the alphabet? ET leaves in a UFO, so 26-5 is 21.

Level 133: To make the children be friends again, move the two children until their front hands are touching so that they do a handshake.

Level 134: To come and get your last reward, hit the right arrow until you get to it, but watch the position of the arrow because it moves most of the time when you hit it.

Level 135: To plant a tree, move the seed all the way down to the bottom of the screen and off the screen as much as possible, and a tree will pop out. You can move the question too, but it won’t do anything or help you win.

Level 136: One candle is 50cm high and burns for 3 hours. Another one is 70cm high and burns for 6 hours. How long does it take them to reach the same height? 6 hours, because then they’ll both be completely burnt out.

Level 137: To put the soap back into the blue soapbox, move the soapbox around and slide it under the soap instead. The soap itself is too slippery to pick up.

Level 138: To solve 7+3=?, look at the other equations. Each equation is (x+y)(x-y) which is why 5+3 equals 28, because (5+3)(5-3)=28. So (7+3)(7-3) = 410.

Level 139: To fast-forward the movie, rub your finger back and forth and in a circle to make the movie go forward faster. Do that for about five seconds and then let go of the screen.

Level 140: To help the baby get a haircut, shake your phone up and down gently (or vigorously if it won’t read the shake) to put the baby to sleep, then drag the scissors up to the baby’s head to cut the hair.

Level 141: To move the car to the stop sign on the right, tap the boulder over and over until it breaks, then tap the car and slide it over to the stop sign.

Level 142: Each grape is worth 1, each eggplant is worth 2, each strawberry is worth 7. Strawberry plus 11 grapes plus one eggplant is 20.

Level 143: How many candles are left if two of them are blown out? Two will be left; the others will turn into wax.

Level 144: To get the water out using as few/smallest number of switches as possible, tap on the switches as shown in the picture below:

Level 145: Tom wants to drink orange juice, so give it to him by first dragging the glass away, which will cause the orange juice to stay in place. Then give him the solid pile of orange juice that was inside of the glass.

Level 146: To find the wolf among the sheep, drag the steak around until you see one of the sheep get starry eyed. Then while the steak is in front of that sheep, tap it with another finger to reveal the wolf. Then move the sheep out of the way and tap the wolf.

Level 147: Nap time is over, so to wake the baby up to give it some milk, tap/swipe on the clock hands in order to move them forward. Then give the milk to the baby.

Level 148: To help keep the sheep from having to see the dirty world, cover her eyes with your finger (not the dollar bill) so she doesn’t have to see anything.

Level 149: To make the pinwheel spin fast, spin your phone and the windmill will spin by itself.

Level 150: To cross the bridge to the stop sign on the right, pick up the stone and drop it from as high as possible on the bridge to break it, then drive the car over the stone.

Level 151: To find a heart, put the two shapes on the right side (bullet-like shapes) together at their bases.

Level 152: To charge the phone, plug your actual phone into a charger, or if you have a wireless charging enabled phone, put it down on a wireless charging pad.

Level 153: Despite the question telling you not to lift the stone because it’s disgusting under it, lift the stone up using three fingers at a time.

Level 154: To move the car to the right side stop sign again, move the rain clouds until they are over the bridge, and they’ll raise the water level, allowing the boat to get under your car.

Level 155: To watch the NFL, drag the TV to the left to find a wall outlet on the right. Tap the tv plug to plug it in, then tap on the TV to turn on the NFL.

Level 156: Which one will you pick? Grab one of the dollar bills and drag it over all of the other ones to collect them so that you can pick them all.

Level 157: To help the kitten fishing, shake the phone to raise the hook, then grab the worm and put it on the hook, then shake your phone again.

Level 158: How many faces do you see? You see three plus a black screen. The answer is four, because the black screen is supposed to show you a reflection of your own face.

Level 159: To make the equation work, spin the 9 upside down to make it a 6, and put 6+11+13=50.

Level 160: Which one is the real champagne? Shake your phone and the one that explodes is the champagne.

Level 161: Which one would you give up? Pull the ropes together to tie them both together, so you don’t have to give up either one.

Level 162: To break the balloon from right to left, turn your phone upside down and then tap on the dart to throw it at the balloon.

Level 163: The old lady has 7 sons, and each son has a sister. The old lady has 8 children; the sister is all of the sons’ sister.

Level 164: To turn off the solar bulb, put your phone screen down so the solar panel doesn’t get any light.

Level 165: From small to big, click the poker cards in the following order: A 5 7 9 K (the 9 is not a 6)

Level 166: Who would you save, your mom or your girlfriend? Tap them both at the same time to save both of them.

Level 167: What color is a Christmas tree in the summer? None of the answers are right, so move the tree to show the “green” button, then tap it.

Level 168: Who is in front of the car? The answer is “Who” – another Abbott and Costello-influenced question here.

Level 169: 4+5=9. Ignore all of the other equations. There is no pattern with them – they are just incorrect.

Level 170: Hit people on the head with the below items, and what hurts the most? Tap “the head”, which is what will hurt when it’s hit.

Level 171: To help the snail cross the river, tilt your phone to the left to control the fall of the tree, then use the saw to cut down the tree.

Level 172: To find the food, swipe up on the table until a hidden waffle cone comes out of it. Then stick the waffle cone under the poop to turn it into chocolate ice cream.

Level 173: Tap the fruit from left to right, then hexagon, circle, rectangle. Don’t tap the carrot, and for rectangle, tap the square, which is technically a rectangle.

Level 174: If the rabbit passed the third place rabbit, his position would now be in third place.

Level 175: To combine the minimum number, drag the period down between the first and second digits, then use the 123 digits in the box to make 1.23.

Level 176: To rescue the giraffe, rotate your device to make a key fall out of the bucket, then use the key on the lock.

Level 177: To solve 1+0.7+0.3=?, drag the bottom of the 1 and join it with the half-question mark to turn it into a 2. 1+-0.7+0.3=2

Level 178: If 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40, then 10=1 because 1=10.

Level 179: Move one matchstick to make the biggest number. 308 turns into 909.

Level 180: How many holes are in the sock? There are 5 total – the one where you insert your foot plus the four bullet holes.

Level 181: To find the different girl below, flip your phone upside down, and one of them will be wearing different colored underwear.

Level 182: To help the dog to win, tap start, then hold your finger down on the other guy to make him lose.

Level 183: To bake the gingerbread, wait until the third thermometer bounce, then stop the bar in the green to bake it properly.

Level 184: To put the gift in the box, zoom in on the box to make it bigger, then drag the cookie over to the box to put it inside.

Level 185: To find Santa, shake the phone to pop him down out of the chimney, then tap on him.

Level 186: Guess how many presents I got? The answer is 0, none of those ones in the picture are “my presents”.

Level 187: To comply with the no smoking sign, tap on the little end of the cigarette in order to put it out.

Level 188: To tap the fruit from small to big, tap the strawberry, then the orange, then the watermelon. Carrot is not a fruit.

Level 189: How many triangles are there? Tap the middle of the shape and drag it out with your finger to remove a triangle. There are seven total.

Level 190: To disarm the bomb, tap the teddy bear’s head to find the bomb, then grab the bomb and drag it off of the screen.

Level 191: If CDE=EDF, then EFH=HFI.

Level 192: To make the largest number possible by moving two matchsticks, move the two horizontal ones out of the 0 and put them at the end. That makes 31181.

Level 193: To disarm the bomb again, remove the clock face to reveal an “off” button, then tap that button.

Level 194: To find the fake snowman, move the clouds to reveal the sun, then tap on the snowman that didn’t melt.

Level 195: To find the golden bean, just tap the the blue slots over and over until you pass the level.

Level 196: To eat the fish, walk off of the right side of the screen to reappear underneath the platform so that you can eat it.

Level 197: To enter the correct password, type “password”

Level 198: To have more points than your opponent, swipe their dice until it turns into a smaller number, then roll your dice.

Level 199: To give Tom his preferred haircut, drag the hair out of the picture and put it on his head.

Level 200: How many books are on the table? Zero, there is no table.

Level 201:To eat the fish again, walk over to the fish and turn the phone upside down, and the fish will fall into the cat’s mouth.

Level 202: To keep balance, move the triangle out from underneath the sheep on the balance board.

Level 203: To pull out the alligator’s special tooth, hold its upper jaw open with one finger and then pull it out with the other finger.

Level 204: To hit the balloon, use one finger to hold the balloon in front of the dart, then shoot the dart at it.

Level 205: To save the snowman from melting, put your fingers over the two fires to put them out.

Level 206: To win the first prize, tilt the phone downward and then hit start and let it spin to the end.

Level 207: To find the annoying pest, grab the pendulum off of the clock and it becomes a magnifying glass. Spy between the two breads.

Level 208: To save the guy from drowning, grab the ring from above the chimney and give it to the guy and it becomes a pool float.

Level 209: The total points on the dice include both the top and the front, so the answer is 18.

Level 210: To figure out the heaviest ones, grab the black dots and put them on one of the balloons to make a bowling ball, then tap it.

Level 211: To get the mouse, jump to the stairs once, move backwards off of two stairs, then jump again twice.

Level 212: To hide the bean, flip your phone over to hide the screen.

Level 213: To count the hair, pull the wig off of the boy to expose his real hair, then count the ones on his head.

Level 214: To put out the flame, flip the phone over to dump the water on it.

Level 215: To help the thirsty raven, drag the cloud over to make it rain so that he can drink off of the ground.

Level 216: To get rid of the annoying fly, drag it into the boy’s mouth and he’ll eat it.

Level 217: What’s behind the flag? Flip the phone to reveal the word “Freedom” behind the flag.

Level 218: To keep it in balance, tap the cord to unplug the computer.

Level 219: Look at the poor guy! Give him comfort by rubbing his face. The bruises and cuts will go away. Rub it some more to make him smile.

Level 220: What a cute puppy, but I don’t want to see him now. To get the puppy out of there, drag the meat off of the right side of the screen.

Level 221: with so many people in line, how do you get to the ATM fast? Drag your scooter off the right side of the screen to change banks.

Level 222: Eliminate common variables. 2sinxcosx/2ncosx = six.

Level 223: To find a photo, grab the envelope with your finger, turn the phone upside down, then tap the photos when they fall out.

Level 224: To open the chips, swipe it apart with two fingers – one moving up and one moving down, as if you’re ripping the top off.

Level 225: To turn on the Christmas lights, put two fingers on each of the broken wires.

Level 226: To make 6+2=3 work, grab the 3 and change it into an 8 by swiping and twisting it.

Level 227: To get the golden egg, rotate your phonn b e until the egg falls to the bottom of the gumball machine.

Level 228: To catch the bear, put the needle on the bear and then grab it with the crane.

Level 229: To have a quiet day, move the sun out of the way, then move the moon out of the way.

Level 230: 1+2+34+5+6=48

Level 231: To pick the right choice and avoid the explosion, click on “What’s wrong?” and “The title is wrong” at the same time.

Level 232: To win second prize, grab the wheel and then let go of it when it spins to the second highest prize.

Level 233: To get the golden twisted egg, surround it with all of the other eggs, then tap it to catch it.

Level 234: To get the golden egg again this time, turn the gumball machine. Open the blue egg that comes out, then use the coin inside to turn the gumball machine again and get the golden egg out.

Level 235: Fire a cannon every 1 minute, how many will be fired in 5 minutes? 6 total cannon shots (including one immediately)

Level 236: To break into the door, tap the screw on the right side of the sign until it falls off, then tap the check mark button.

Level 237: To take care of this mess, put the lighter under the paper to make a fire. Then place everything else on the screen, including the question itself, into the fire.

Level 238: To make a stop sign, stick the word “stop” in the middle of the red octagon to turn it into a stop sign.

Level 239: To hammer the nails fast, tap on the hammer when the nails are in front of it, but don’t hit the finger.

Level 240: To find the blue book, split the book case apart with your two fingers by doing a zoom-in motion, and the blue book will be behind them. Then tap on the blue book.l

Level 241: To share equally, pull all six chips off of the bag and put three apiece on each of the kids’ plates.

Level 242: To erase the zebra crossing, send Pac-Man up there to eat all of the white lines.

Level 243: To drag the ball to the destination easily, drag it around the maze and through the back of the finish line to cheat.

Level 244: To kick the ball to the goal, move the goal itself until it’s on top of the ball.

Level 245: To help the crow to drink, drag the screen to the left to make a lake appear, then move the lake until it’s under the crow.

Level 246: To make it easy to find the monsters, screen cap the screen while they’re on the screen, then use the screen capture to find the monsters.

Level 247: To chase the devils away, drag the moon downward until it is completely off of the screen. When it’s off the screen, the sun will come up and the devils will go away.

Level 248: It’s too dark to find directions. Tap on the “direction” button to pass.

Level 249: What letter of the alphabet do people like to hear most? The answer is “CD” since you literally can listen to CD’s.

Level 250: To find the werewolf in the crowd, spin the hands on the clock. Once they spin, it will become night and one of the people will turn into a wolf.

Level 251: To eat the fish, walk the cat underneath the fish’s position, then turn the phone upside down and the cat will jump all the way up to the fish.

Level 252: To click on the tap button with your finger, click on the tap button with your OWN finger, not the one on the screen.

Level 253: To pull the crocodile’s tooth, drag the screen to the left until a stick appears, then put the stick in its mouth to hold it open. Then use one of your other fingers to pull out the tooth.

Level 254: To tap on the layer with the least books on the bookshelf, tap on the base of the bookshelf, below the bottom shelf.

Level 255: How many books of the least kind are there on the smallest shelf? 2.

Level 256: To light the match, move the match box out of the way to reveal a lighter behind it. Then tap the lighter to light it up.

Level 257: To “click on the different one”, click on any one of the tap buttons, and then hold it down for about five seconds.

Level 258: To make sure that he doesn’t get hurt by the bomb, don’t touch it. Simply do nothing and you will pass the level.

Level 259: To touch the head of the giraffe, swipe up to reveal the head below the body. Swiping down/scrolling up takes forever and then the top of the neck has no head. Swipe up to get to the head.

Level 260: To catch the axe, put the hand under the handle of the axe so that the blade doesn’t hit the hand.

Level 261: To find the bonus scene from the rabbit hole, turn your phone upside down and the egg will pop out. Crack the egg open and it will pop out.

Level 262: To pour everything out of the hole, tap the hole to get the snake, the egg, and the rabbit out, then zoom in on the hole with two fingers to enlarge it. Then tap it again to get a bomb out.

Level 263: To shoot the apple, move it to the title character’s nose, then tap the dart

Level 264: Do you like giraffes? Cover the eyes of the giraffe and click the answer… allegedly. Right now the answer seems to be glitching, so use the skip function to skip.

Level 265: To share equally, give one apple to one boy, one apple to the other boy, then drag the third apple to the bottom of the screen in order to give it to yourself.

Level 266: To give yourself the apple, put the stick on the door handle and then tap on the apple.

Level 267: To take the apple away all by yourself again, move both of the table legs out of the way by dragging them with your fingers.

Level 268: To take the apple for the third time all by yourself, drag the hammer over to the guy to whack him with it and then steal the apple.

Level 269: To take the apple for the final time, tap on the door and drag the piece of wood away to open it. Then tap the guy three times to talk to him and he will give you an entire box of apples.

Level 270: To avoid getting stuck in traffic, all you have to do is tap the blue car and drag it outside of the traffic jam.

Level 271: To hit the rabbit, drag the screen to the left to find five large rocks to the right. Drag them as close to the holes as you can, then drag the screen back over and put the stones on top of all but one of the holes to block the rabbit. Then tap the rabbit when it comes out of the only uncovered hole.

Level 272: There is no level 272 yet. The “no more, thanks for you” guy has moved over to the level 272 space as a placeholder.


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