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Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends – All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Stages

Level 1) Pick the best plate for Uncle Bubba: Move the burrito and the steak over to the plate with the turkey leg, then tap that one

Level 2) Tap on the biggest donut at the table: take the donut from Uncle Bubba and move it to the table, then tap it

Level 3) I must find a way to calm down my angry uncle: feed him the donuts, then the plate, then the table.

Level 4) tap on the biggest flower: drag the sun out from behind the girls head, then when the flowers bloom, tap the biggest one.

Level 5) tap on the biggest cookie: simply tap on the cookie in the top right corner that’s part of the question.

Level 6) Can you tap on all of my cats? Take the fish out from behind the girl and put it on the plate, and two more cats will show up.

Level 7) Clean my naughty cat’s face: tap the cat’s tail and move it around over and over to clean the top, then flip your phone over and move the tail up and down to clean the bottom.

Level 8) We don’t have a spare tire, help please: drag your uncles head and limbs toward his body until they are all retracted, then move your uncle into the empty wheel well.

Level 9) I must find the biggest carrot: pull the carrots out of the ground that haven’t already been pulled out, and then tap the biggest one.

Level 10) get rid of my dandruff! Turn your phone upside down and then shake it until the dandruff falls off.

Level 11) What is my password. Tap on the phone and type “what” into the text box that pops up.

Level 12) I must press the red button. Tap the jacket to find a small red button on it, then move the girl over to it in order to press it.

Level 13) I want to ruin uncle Bubba‘s shower fun. To do this, tap on the pipe holding the showerhead, and hold it for about 30 seconds. The water should stop running from the showerhead when you do. After the pipe bulges, let it go and the water will blast out at high pressure.

Level 14) oh no! I spilled some juice on granny Amy‘s carpet! to cover it, drag granny Amy’s shadow and uncle Bubba’s shadow onto the spill to make it disappear.

Level 15) to cheer up uncle Bubba, tap the TV remote, and then swipe with your finger on the numbers to turn 0-5 into 5-0. Then tap the box on the coffee table to reveal the chicken legs.

Level 16) to get through your grandma in order to eat more cake, start swiping right on the dishes that are sitting on the shelves, starting with the top right dish. Once you knock down all of them, you will be able to have more cake.

Level 17) wake up uncle Bubba! Tap the fly on the window, then tap it again after it stops. When it lands on uncle Bubba’s face, tap the lizard to get it to eat the fly.

Level 18) save the princess! Use your finger to take the sword away from the knight and give it to the princess.

Level 19) the lazy cat must sleep on the bed. To make that happen, roll your phone over to the right three times until the cat lands on the bed.

Level 20) pay $1000 to continue. In order to do this, wait until the pay button turns green and then tap it.

Level 21) I wonder what is Dr. Worry’s real name. Tap his pocket to pull the ID card out, then use two fingers to zoom in and make it bigger.

Level 22) I must answer Doctor Worry’s question. Swipe up on the middle of the board to roll up the rest of the cover, X = 2 so 5 + X = 7

Level 23) Doctor Worry must get some venom for his new medicine. Give the mouse to the snake, put the syringe and the medicine bottle in the blood, then give him the mixing bowl and other random objects until the green check appears.

Level 24) This man wants some hair. Put the seeds below the flower on his head, then water them with the watering can.

Level 25) What’s Uncle Bubba’s secret? Take the doctor’s glasses and put them over Uncle Bubba’s stomach to reveal a tattoo.

Level 26) Doctor Worry needs gas for his new formula. Move the green containers out of the way to reveal a can of beans, then give it to Uncle Bubba.

Level 27) Which golden coin is real? Feed them to Doctor Worry until he finds the real one.

Level 28) Doctor Worry needs to get blood samples from that fly! Hold your finger down in the screen and the fly will suck your blood after about ten seconds. Then hit it with the flyswatter.

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Level 29) Doctor Worry needs electricity for his new robot. Put the girl and Doctor Worry next to each other with their hands touching, in between the two plugs with their hands touching the plugs.

Level 30) The robot needs cleaner energy. Tap the sink to turn it on. Run the dirty battery under the sink to clean it, then put it inside of the robot.

Level 31) I must find a way to discharge. Swipe to the left on the sidewalk to reveal the dirt, then touch the girl and the dirt at the same time.

Level 32) Oh no, a bear is attacking me! Take the red shirt from the kid and put it on the bear to turn it into Winnie the Pooh.

Level 33) Stop my little sister from peeking into my phone! Hold your finger or swipe outward zoom-in-style on her face three times to make her move three times. Tap on the top of the couch to expand it upward, then tap on the right and left sides of the couch to expand them outward and block her.

Level 34) Stop her awful singing! To do that, take a sock off of one of her feet and then put it in her mouth.

Level 35) Granny Amy has fallen asleep and will fall down! Tap her in the direction that she’s falling toward, multiple times, to get her to wake up.

Level 36) My little sister rummaged through my precious candies, I must put them back! Eat three of them, and then put the rest back into the container.

Level 37) I want to swing faster. tilt your phone all the way to the left, then all the way to the right.

Level 38) is it possible to lick an elbow? drag the girl’s little sister over to her in order to get her to lick her big sister’s elbow.

Level 39) How many slices have chocolate chips? 5, because one slice has only one chocolate chip in it.

Level 40) Granny Amy is having a terrible back pain, you must help her! Stretch her from her head to her feet, and pull outward using two fingers.

Level 41) Where is the remote? Shake the phone to knock Uncle Bubba off of the couch and then give the remote to the girl.

Level 42) Uncle Bubba is not letting me watch my show! Look for the hidden soda cans behind objects and give them all to him, four total, to make him need to use the bathroom.

Level 43) we must find a way to watch our shows at the same time! Pick up the knife and cut the screen in half.

Level 44) Doctor worry needs help powering up! To power it up, swipe up to make the screen go down, then tap the big red switch. Ignore the circles.

Level 45) I must please the cute cat! Tap and swipe to pet the kitty, then swipe to the right to make a second kitty up appear behind it and pet that one.

Level 46) how many of these slices have vanilla? The answer is eight.

Level 47) my brother Lazy Larry is not letting me use the mirror, help me! Pick up the clippers and shave his head.

Level 48) how can this equation be right? Take the ring from the shelf and put it next to the banana to make the banana equal zero.

Level 49) Brr it’s so cold! To warm up the room, put the hot sauce on the fish, then feed the fish to the cat.

Level 50) Protect me from that snake! To protect her, break off the bottom piece of the pipe on the right and give it to her.