Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles – All 102+ Answers and Solutions for All Levels: Full Walkthrough

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Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is a smash-hit new trick question game for the iOS and Android platforms. This unique genre of puzzle games has taken over the App Store and Google Play as of late, with puzzles that can’t just be solved simply.

You have to do all kinds of random stuff in order to solve the puzzle, such as think outside the box, or shake your phone, or find hidden objects, or solve math problems. The questions get tougher and tougher, as this is one of the toughest trick-question games on the market.

Read on for all answers to all questions in Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles!

NOTE: Previously, on some devices there was a glitch that would prevent the game from reading phone shakes, flips, and turns. The glitch has been fixed, so if you updated the game and it isn’t reading phone movements, then delete and then reinstall the game and everything will work properly.

Also, if you updated the game for new levels, and new levels aren’t showing up, delete and reinstall the game and new levels will appear.

Level 1: Which one is the biggest out of all of the animals? The answer is the lion, since that’s the biggest out of all of the animals in the picture in real life. And it’s the biggest picture in the question.

Level 2: To burn everything, grab the torch and use it to burn the word “everything” in the question. You can burn the couch, the stuffed animal, and other stuff if you want to, also, but it has no bearing on whether you pass the level or not.

Level 3: How many holes are in the shirt? The answer is 8. There are two sleeves, the waist opening, the neck opening, then the two holes in the front, which are also duplicated on the back of the shirt, for a total of 8.

Level 4: To make the flower blossom, All that you have to do is move the clouds out of the way to reveal the sun. There are about five clouds to move, total.

Level 5: Which one is closest to us? Tap on the moon, because it’s closest to the word “us” in the question. It’s much closer than the clouds are.

Level 6: To click on the animals from smallest to biggest, tap the mouse, the lion, then the elephant and hit submit. Leave the tree alone, because the tree is obviously not an animal.

Level 7: To catch 5 falling apples, tap only the FALLING apples, not the rising ones. If you tap a rising one, it will add one apple to your count to catch. Each time you tap a rising apple, it subtracts an apple from your count until you hit 0, which is when you pass the level.

Level 8: To answer where the rabbit is, put the eyes on the cabbage, the two carrots as ears, and the white carrot as the nose below the eyes. They will turn into a vegetable sculpture of a rabbit, which is the right answer.

Level 9: If you overtake the second-place racer, that means you will be in second place. That’s because the formerly second-place racer is now in third place, which was your old place.

Level 10: Even though the arrow is drawn as if it’s supposed to be slid to the right, it’s not. Slide the arrow to the left, out of the box and off of the screen, to unlock.

Level 11: To feed the “cat”, take the cat treat/cookie and put it over the word “cat” in the question. Ignore the cat picture and the fence.

Level 12: There is no green ball at first; only red, yellow, and blue, but you can put the yellow and blue balls together to combine them into a green ball. To find the green ball, put the yellow ball and blue ball together.

Level 13: The month that is the longest is February, because it has the most letters in the word. It’s the shortest one in days, but it’s the longest one as far as word length.

Level 14: Curiousity knocks off the cat, but can you as well? Easy – Just take the word “curiousity” from the question, tap and drag it, and place it on top of the cat.

Level 15: To accurately count the pizza slices, move them out of the way with your finger and then count them, as some of them are hidden behind the visible slices. There are 9 total slices of pizza.

Level 16: To turn off the dangerous kettle, tap the red button on the front of it, which is the on/off button. The cord and the scissors are merely there as a distraction – this is an example of a level with no tricks when you would expect a trick.

Level 17: To solve the math equation, do the multiplication first, according to PEMDAS. 4+5*5-2 = 4+25-2 = 27.

Level 18: To tap them in order, take a screen capture of your phone screen so that you can see the numbers after they disappear. Then reference back to your screen capture and tap the numbers in the given order.

Level 19: To find the hidden number in the equation 5-15-25-(rock)-100, take your finger, tap the rock, then drag your finger across the screen to move the rock out of the way and you will see the number. The hidden number is 40.

Level 20: How many months have 28 days? The answer is 12 months. Every month has a minimum of 28 days. The question didn’t say “exactly 28 days”, it simply asked how many months have 28 days.

Level 21: To save the boy, take the shovel and stick it in the hill on the left side of the grassy area. The shovel will dig it up and a bone will pop out. Give the bone to the dog.

Level 22: To find the black sheep, drag the word black out of the question and put it onto one of the sheep to make it black. You can use any sheep you want to pass this question.

Level 23: To figure out what’s wrong with the picture, look at the hands of each of the characters. The jester on the right side will have six fingers on one hand, as you can see in the picture below:

Level 24: To put the elephant into the fridge, tap the fridge handle to open it, and then put the elephant in. No tricks here, since the elephant is already small enough to fit inside.

Level 25: The last letter in the word “spelling” is the letter g. The question asked about the word “spelling”, not the last letter in the alphabet.

Level 26: To make the truck/bus pass though, zoom out on it to shrink the bus so that it can fit. Then slide the bus through the gate and it will go through easily.

Level 27: There is an intruder to the cat party! It’s the rat in the left side of this picture. Here it is with the red circle around it:

Level 28: To save her, put the two clouds in the sky together to make a thunderstorm. The lightning will hit the robber and save the girl.

Level 29: These objects (Iron, Shield, Hammer, Spider, Hawk) are supposed to represent Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, and Hawkeye. These objects are called the Avengers.

Level 30: There are a total of 10 balls. You just can’t see 7 of them since they’re so deep inside of the basket that they’re blocked.

Level 31: To correct 4+5=19, put your finger over the 1 for five seconds in order to hide the one, and change the equation to 4+5=9.

Level 32: Tom the cat is hungry again. To feed him, put the cat food can onto the hot plate to cook it. Then when it’s done give it to the cat.

Level 33: To make them fall in love, pop the balloon by dragging it to the top right, up to the lightbulb, which will pop the balloon due to its heat. When it does, then you’ll pass the level.

Level 34: To make a better dice roll, shake the phone to re-roll the dice. The dice will then roll in the pattern of two sixes.

Level 35: The cat’s child is called a cat. A baby cat is still technically a cat, and the game won’t accept kitten or kitty.

Level 36: To find the “right” cat, or the cat that is on the right, use one or more fingers to swipe the cats from right to left to move them, allowing you to see the actual cat on the right.

Level 37: To find the bull, take the “red” out of “Reddit” and put it out in the middle of the question to make the bull charge out, since bulls charge when they see red. Then tap the bull.

Level 38: The siblings were 3 and 12 when “I” was 6 years old. 5 years later, “I” am 11 and the siblings are 8 and 17. Add 8 and 17 together (since the question asks only about the siblings), and you get 25.

Level 39: 3+8=11. All of the other equations are wrong, and there is no pattern, so ignore them and answer this one correctly.

Level 40: There’s no need to choose just one pet to save; you can rescue all three. Save all three of the pets by tapping them with three fingers at the same time.

Level 41: To solve 1000+50=6050, take the 50 out of the “Level 50” and put it next to the other 50, to turn it into 5050. 1000+5050=6050.

Level 42: To help to find the socks, zoom out on the picture multiple times to look with a wider angle. The socks are way off to the left of everything else, so you can’t see them until you zoom out. When you see the socks, then tap them.

Level 43: To help the car cross the bridge, first tap the car to make it start driving. Then put your finger on the cracked portion of the bridge and the car will cross without breaking it, since your finger is what’s holding everything together.

Level 44: Timmy is hungry, but the oatmeal is too hot and doesn’t taste good. So put some salt and some ice water in his porridge to cool it and to improve the flavor. Then give Timmy the oatmeal, and he will cheer and eat it happily.

Level 45: This is kind of a Sudoku round. Your diagram should look like this:

Level 46: To open up the soda, shake the phone until the soda explodes.

Level 47: To figure out where the cat above the text, use your finger to move the entire question down below the three cats. Once you do that, then all three of the cats will technically be above the text.

Level 48: To figure out the number, count all of the squares and semi-squares, but take out the bottom and left (or top and right) squares. The answer to this one is 4.

Level 49: It’s too dark, but you can find the cat. Grab the lightbulb in the top right corner of the screen. Drag it all over the screen to gradually light it up. Once the screen is light, you will find the cat.

Level 50: To finish before time runs out, tap the clock over and over until it breaks. With no stopwatch, time can never run out. Now tap the car.. When the car crosses the finish line, you will pass the stage.

Level 51: The equations in the question are absolutely useless and are only there to throw you off, so ignore them. The largest possible number is 999.

Level 52: To stop the crying of the baby, hold the phone upside down and the tears will go back inside of its eyes, and it will stop crying.

Level 53: To stop the fight, grab the cookie with two fingers and split it in half by pulling your fingers apart. Then both of the kids will be able to have a cookie.

Level 54: Each of the brothers has a sister. They are all brothers, therefore there is only one sister. That means there are six total siblings.

Level 55: To figure out which monkey is the carsick one, shake the phone and one of them will get carsick.

Level 56: We need $10. To get the rest of the dollars, swipe upward multiple times on the wallet that is sticking out of his pocket. Then tap the wallet again to open it up, and the rest of the dollars needed to make $10 will fall out.

Level 57: There are seven total circles. There are five in the main picture, and the plus and a minus sign are both inside of circles, making for a total of seven.

Level 58: To help the turtle that got flipped on its back, put your phone screen face down and the turtle will be right side up.

Level 59: To make the red win the race, drag the word “red” from the question in the race. The question never specified making the red car itself win the race, just the word “red”.

Level 60: Flip the nine in the question “we need nine apples“ over to turn it into a six. You can flip it by tapping the 9 and moving your finger around until the 9 becomes an upright 6. Then the six apples will be enough.

Level 61: Turn on the TV by putting one finger on each end of the charging cable, for a total of two fingers. This works because the human body is a conductor of electricity – don’t try this at home in real life, though, or it will shock you!

Level 62: There are no dots on the dog, only spots. The only dot on the screen is the period in the question, so change the number to 1 and then click OK.

Level 63: To help Tom catch the mouse, tilt Tom’s side of the rug downward. The mouse will slide down and right to the cat (aka Tom).

Level 64: To find out which building is the strongest, shake the phone, and all but one of the buildings will fall down. The one that’s still standing is the one that’s the strongest.

Level 65: To make the baby stop crying, take the I out of the beginning of the question, and put it in front of the word “scream“. It will turn into I Scream, which will automatically become ice cream and make the baby happy.

Level 66: To get the lowest possible number, take the minus sign out of the equation up top. Put it on top of the left underscore, then type 999 to make the number -999.

Level 67: To complete the pairs match game, make all possible matches with the cards. With the little card with two carrots on it, use two fingers to split it in half to make one carrot each.

Level 68: First, tap on the circle colored red. Then, tap on the circle colored yellow. Then, tap on the circle with the word “red” inside of it. Notice that on the third question, the color has quotes around it, but in the first two, the colors don’t have quotes.

Level 69: To make blue win the race against yellow or red, tap the nitrous capsule that is just barely sticking up above the crowd. When it pops out, give it to blue car, then tap the go button, and the blue car will win the race.

Level 70: what happens twice in a week, once in a year, and never in a month? The answer is the letter E.

Level 71: To remove six sticks to make it a ten, focus on removing sticks that would allow the remaining matchsticks to spell out the word “TEN” in all caps.

Level 72: To make X/Y=(12/2)-2 correct, drag the 82 out of the level counter at the top (yes, the level counter is wrong on this level), replace X with 8 and Y with 2. 8/2=(12/2)-2.

Level 73: The cat is still hungry. To feed it again, pull the left side of the match box open, then take the match and strike it against the rough part of the box to light it. Light the cannon fuse to shoot it, tilting the platform to drop the mouse into the cat’s mouth.

Level 74: To get 9 candies, flip the phone over and three will fall out. Repeat this three more times to get nine. (Note: This Level is notoriously glitchy so if you can’t get this to work, just skip it.

Level 75: click the numbers from the one on the bottom to the one on the top. In this case, lowest to highest is all shot height.

Level 76: You didn’t forget his birthday present. Instead, give the birthday boy the daily gift box and he will be happy.

Level 77: To help him get to the car and avoid the zombies, move him to the top right corner of the screen, lure the zombies up there, then move him around the whole pack of zombies to the car.

Level 78: There are zero squares in the picture. All of the shapes are triangles. So type zero and hit submit.

Level 79: To quickly press the button 100 times, take the “100” out of the question, place it on the button, then press the button only one time.

Level 80: To help the fishermen catch a fish, tap the apples to split them in half. One of them will have a worm inside. Put the worm on the hook at the end of the fishing line and the fisherman will catch a fish.

Level 81: To cheer up the girl, wrong the clock backwards using the small hand (the hour hand) and the food that she burned will suddenly not be burned anymore.

Level 82: To help the frog fly, hold your finger over its nose for five seconds. The frog will inflate and fly away like in Shrek.

Level 83: To find the biggest possible number, turn your phone sideways to turn the number 8 into an infinity symbol, then tap it. The phone tilt can be finicky so if it won’t register, try different angles and tilts.

Level 84: Move the rectangle away from each other and then count them. There are a total of four rectangles.

Level 85: To catch the mouse, all you have to do is move the cat around the outside of the maze, toward the mouse, using the arrow buttons.

Level 86: Hit the green button three times, the blue button ten times, and red five times, but don’t trust the counters. They skip numbers so count to yourself instead.

Level 87: To click on the calves, move the cows together to make them fall in love and make calves appear. Then tap on all of the calves that come out.

Level 88: Think of the cubes in 3D. There are a total of ten cubes in the picture counting the ones that you can’t see.

Level 89: There are no differences between the two pictures. They are exactly the same.

Level 90: To light two candles for his second birthday, light the middle candle with the match and then grab the middle candle and use it to light one of the other candles.

Level 91: To find the chocolate egg, move all of the eggs toward the sun. One of them will break and spill a bunch of chocolate everywhere.

Level 92: How many letters will there be if ET leaves the “alphabet”, as in the word alphabet? There will be 6 letters.

Level 93: To show your patience, simply do nothing for about 30 seconds and you will pass the level automatically.

Level 94: To be ready before the guests arrive, take your finger and rub the dirty wine glasses until they are clean enough to have sparkles near them.

Level 95: The Birdie has overslept, so to shake the tree properly, hold the branch that the bird is perched on to stop it from breaking, and while holding it, shake your phone.

Level 96: To find the mistake here, tap on the “i” in the word “mistake” in the question, instead of trying to do anything with the math problem. There is no dot in the letter i in the word mistake.

Level 97: Who wins between 100 knights and 100 barbarians? Move the 100 from the “100 knights” and put it on top of the 100 in “100 barbarians”.

Level 98: To let the cat in the door, tap on the door over and over to knock on it, then wait about five to ten seconds and the door will open up.

Level 99: To turn on all of the lights, slide the right light off of the screen, then tap the switches until you turn on both of the other lights.

Level 100: To complete the “leve”, drag the second L from the level counter at the top of the screen, then stick it in the question to make the word “level”.

Level 101: To click the blue button six times, tap it until the red button appears. Then move the red button by sliding it away, and tap the blue button again.

Level 102: To solve 25 = 10, ignore 35 and 65 and simply reverse the first equation in the question. 10 = 25, therefore 25 = 10.

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