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Brave Cross – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Brave Cross is a new mobile role playing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to build a team of five fighters, equip them with weapons and armor, then upgrade them and do it all over again. You have loads of ways to upgrade your characters in this game, and there’s loads of fourth-wall-breaking humor, making this reminiscent of something that Mel Brooks would do if he wrote for mobile RPGs. Read on for some tips and tricks for Brave Cross!

You don’t earn the weapons themselves; you earn the materials that are used to make them. Check the Hero menu and then hit any character avatar that has a red dot next to it, as that means that you have something new to equip (or that one of your weapons is ready to be enhanced or evolved). Clear out all of the red dots in the heroes menu and continue on with the strongest party that’s currently possible for you.

Go back to any one of the old stages and hit the “instance raid” to complete the old battle instantly. If you have VIP, you can do ten raids in a row; otherwise you can do one at a time. Even with one at a time, it’s very easy to gain massive amounts of lord experience and hero experience this way.

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You have up to 99 challenges that you can use for raids, per level that you can replay (levels with the star ratings). Use up all of the challenges on one level, then go to the next level and use all of that level’s challenges. Mass raiding will cause you to unlock the rest of the game very rapidly (since most of the game unlocks after you gain certain experience levels, a different level for each portion of the game that you unlock).

Hero levels will continue to skyrocket until you hit player level 22, then they will slow down. At this point, go back to the hero screen and use all of your EXP elixirs to get your heroes caught up to the player level. Once you do that, go to the equipment screen for each player, upgrade their equipment as high as it will go (and blow out all of your coins in the process) and you will end up with a lot more power than you started with.

You pick up gems for free as you play, by completing quests and achievements mostly. When you get enough of them, go to the chest store and purchase one of the rare chests for a high chance at earning a three-star or above character. Add them to your party, level them up to get them caught up, and you’ll be set.

When you unlock the arena, you’ll know who you have a good chance at beating by their power level. Ignore their overall ranking; it’s possible to get a high ranking with a fairly weak team just by fighting against the right people. And by looking at the team power levels rather than the team ranks, you’ll end up becoming an arena overachiever and winning huge prize.