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BRIXITY – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

BRIXITY is a new city-building sandbox game for the iOS and Android platforms that features the perfect blend of preplanned gameplay and completely custom, Lego-esque design. You are a person, also known as a Mypo, who came back from Mars to Earth in order to rebuild, and your goal is to gradually restore the planet to healthy green spaces, build houses and other structures such as commercial buildings, earn custom Brix and Pipo, and load up on currencies such as healing essence, cards, coins, gems, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for BRIXITY!

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Building the premade houses and structures in this game is very simple. First, you purchase the blueprint, then you build off of the blueprint, and the game will essentially tell you what piece to put down and where. When you put one piece down, the similar pieces in the collection will fill up automatically, and then when the house is completed, you will receive healing essence.

As you get further into the game and gain levels, you will unlock different types of buildings such as commercial buildings, which can earn you coins so that you can purchase more blueprints. You have public buildings as well, which build up coins gradually, and can increase the happiness of your Pipo – or, in the case of the spaceport, can increase the number of Pipo that you are able to draw to your city.

It does not matter where on your map you place any of these buildings, as they will all serve the same purpose. If you build roads in between the buildings, though, you will be able to explore them when you go into walking mode. Additionally, you can talk to all of your Pipo and just generally take a break from building.

It also does not matter what square you heal next with your healing essence, just as long as it’s connected to the land that you have already healed. Be sure to try to make it out to areas that already have stuff in them, such as suitcases full of gems, random trees or trash, or the darker spots you see on the outskirts of the map. Different sorts of rewards and bonuses lurk here.

Be sure to check your mail to earn all possible rewards. Rewards are sent out for a number of reasons, such as the conclusion of an event, as compensation for server issues, and more. Plus, there is a perpetual piece of mail that never goes away, that allows you to watch an advertisement video in exchange for free rewards.

The collection element in this game comes from collecting Brix and Pipo, which can be had in all rarities, from common to rare to master or C to B to A to S. The more rare that the Special Brix or Pipo are, the harder that they will be defined. You can build up albums of special Brix or Pipo, and once you complete a full set, you will earn significant rewards, consisting of free gems if you build a collection of special Brix, and Brix coupons as a reward for building a collection of Pipo.

You can also earn more of these by leveling up and collecting the bonuses, by collecting rewards from your mail, and by completing quests. You can also earn City Tour coupons, which are used when you want to go on a city tour. City tours and allow you to visit and walk around other players’ cities, and rate them, with the players who have the highest rated cities earning special rewards.

When it comes time to build your custom house, there is no mission or goal associated with it; the only limit is your creativity, and just like a Lego set, you will be able to put every brick down exactly where you want it, without any of the other bricks filling in automatically.

When it comes to the blueprint houses and the other buildings, you can spend a small amount of gems in order to have the game build the house automatically for you, instead of having to do it yourself. This saves a couple minutes each time that you do it, but overall, it’s generally not worth spending all of those gems.

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Instead, one of the better uses of gems is summoning Brix or Pipo. There is a wide variety of different Simons that you can do, allowing you to collect a ridiculously large quantity of them and build up numerous collections, and especially in the case of the Pipo, earning the rare ones will allow you to make more money off of your commercial buildings.