Samurai Siege – How to get more Essence, Jade Coins and Diamonds

Samurai Siege is a new battle strategy game that takes the Clash of Clans style of gameplay, refines it, and adds extra elements that do away with some of the grinding and replace it with some new gameplay that gives the single player mode a reason to exist. Essence and Jade Coins are the main currencies of the game, and are used to build and upgrade your buildings, with Essence doubling as a currency that is used to train troops. Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and while you start out with plenty of them, you can use them up fast speeding up tasks. Read on to find out how to get more of both of these!

Essence and coins are, first and foremost, collected from your base even before you begin battling. Essence is collected by essence wells, and coins are collected using the coin markets. Whenever you see a coin icon over the market or an essence icon over the essence well, tap them and you will collect them.

First and foremost, build as many of your essence storage and jade vaults as you can, as these are your storage units for essence and coins. Some are also stored in the castle, but most of them will be stored in these two buildings. Upgrade the ones that you do build. Upgrade the castle in order to unlock more maximum buildings and the ability to upgrade further.

Upgrading the castle will also increase the number of essence wells and markets that you can build, so upgrade the castle and then max out your markets and essence wells, then level them up even further. Make sure to put them within range of your defensive towers so that you can protect your resources from getting stolen.

You can earn both of them from the battles, especially the multiplayer battles as players tend to have more of each resource then the Ice Lord’s bases do. Your best bet for fast resources in multiplayer mode is to send a large army of ninjas out, as they will target resource buildings and castles right away. This means that even if you lose the battle, you can still walk away with tens of thousands of resources.

You can get free diamonds from some of the single player battles. You’ll know which ones, because the stages have a picture of a diamond above them. Plus, if your alliance wins a war, everyone in the alliance will get free diamonds. Other than that though, the only way to get free diamonds is to buy them as an in-app purchase. Conserve diamonds – don’t blow them all at once on speeding everything up early on in the game.