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Beast Lord: The New Land – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Beast Lord: The New Land is a new massively multiplayer strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a lion, the king of the jungle, and you are given a huge territory to carve out and make your own. You can collect gems, resources, and more, while making your territory look exactly as you want it, ruling over all other animals, outlying with them to battle against the other kingdoms, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and strategies for Beast Lord: The New Land!

The tutorial to this game is long, and by the time you finish it, you should know the basics of upgrading, fighting, and collecting resources. Always be working on at least one upgrade at a time, so that you can power up your territory, increase your resources, research new technologies, and add to your troop counts. Try to make it so that your territory is never idle.

One thing that separates this game from other MMORTS games is the fact that you can put almost any structure anywhere that you want to, because of how the game is laid out. There is next to no limit; simply knock down trees in order to make as much room as you need, and then place your buildings where the trees used to be.

Whenever you get bored and want to knock down more trees, be sure to chop the trees that have the little yellow crystal over them. This indicates that there is an abandoned area inside of the tree, and when you have your elephant knock it down, you will be able to start using it for a new purpose.

Fruit, vegetables, leaves, dirt, sand, and more are the resources of the game. The main ways to earn them our by resource farming in your territory, fighting and defeating rivals, and invading other territories in the overworld screen. Make sure you upgrade your depots in order to be able to hold as many resources as possible, so that you can use them when you log back online after a long time off.

Follow the red dots around in order to earn every possible reward that you have unlocked. This includes resources, speed ups, gems, and more. There are tons of rewards that pop up, and it’s easy to miss them if you aren’t paying attention.

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However, it can be good to wait to collect your rewards if you have a problem getting attacked by other players. After your rewards are collected, they will be subject to being taken random attacks, but if you haven’t collected the rewards yet, then they cannot be stolen by other players.

Be sure to use the bait to summon as many offers as possible, whether they are rare, common, SSR, or uncommon. All of your alphas will be able to upgrade in various ways, including leveling up and increasing their statistics.

When you join an alliance, be sure that you join an alliance full of active players, and that you yourself stay active in the game. I help out your fellow alliance members as often as you can, and intern, they will help you out more often, especially if they are busy and if you are busy.

Battling, whether it’s against other players or against computer controlled enemies, is a numbers game. Have as many alphas as possible, and as many troops assigned to each alpha as possible, in order to ensure victory.