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Crystal Rush – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Crystal Rush is a new game by Artik Games for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game your goal is to shoot the balls at the walls that close in on you in such a way that the colors match. Your aim is to earn the highest possible sore, collect more coins, and unlock new types of levels to play on. Read on for some tips nad tricks for Crystal Rush!

Whenever you shoot a wall and knock it out successfully, the arrow reverses direction and the color of the crystal shot changes. The shot will be completely random so be sure to focus so that you can take the shot as quickly as possible, especially later on in the round. Early on the wall moves slowly, but once you hit about 40 points or so, it really begins to pick up speed.

After a level is done, oftentimes video ad offers will appear offering you 20 gems in exchange for watching an ad video. Watch enough of them and you will have enough crystals left over to purchase a whole other island. Islands look different for each other but they play exactly the same as each other.

If you you miss a shot and you fire the crystal off of the level, then you will be able to take another shot, as nothing happens when you fire a shot off of the level. However, if you shoot into the wrong wall, then you will lose immediately, as mismatching colors will mess up your run.

Once you run is done initially though, you will get an offer to watch an ad in order to continue playing. Be ready when the ad is done because the level will begin again at the same speed that it left off at, so you will have to have quick reflexes in order to stay caught up and make good use out of your restart.

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Hit the leaderboards and you can see how you rank amongst the other players of the game globally. Ignore the really crazy looking scores right at the top as these tend to be hacked scores. Look at the ones that are realistic but still appear insanely difficult to get. These are the ones which you should compare your own score against.