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Death Worm – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Death Worm is a highly popular and highly addictive game for the iOS and Android platforms where you control a giant monstrous worm. You can dive in and out of the ground, unleash attacks on people, vehicles, flying machines, and a whole lot more, while also unlocking new worms and playing in special events, while earning coins and gems.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Death Worm!

You control the worm using a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, with a dash button on the right side of the screen, along with different special moves. Your goal is to score points in complete missions by attacking different targets, such as soldiers, civilians, tanks, helicopters, and planes. The harder that the target is to reach and the longer that it takes to blow them up, the more points that they will typically be worth.

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You earn coins at the end of each stage, and you can use your coins to upgrade your worm. Speed is arguably the most important upgrade because it allows you to far more easily reach helicopters when you’re not dashing, and planes when you are dashing. Attack, defense, and rushing are also important to upgrade, though, so don’t let your upgrades become too one-sided.

After purchasing enough upgrades, you will be able to unlock the next worm in line. Initially, your freshly unlocked worm will perform worse than the one you were just using, But you can always switch back to your old worm and rack up the coins in order to upgrade your new worm. The higher tier worms that you unlock later will have higher upgrade potential than your previous ones, so continue to upgrade them for the best results.

In addition to the campaign missions, there are plenty of others that you can do, such as timed battles. Once you have a good collection of worms going, it might occasionally be beneficial to switch worms for specific missions and events, in order to give yourself a better advantage.

As you make your way through the game, you will unlock the ability to play stages with different difficulty levels. Choose the harder difficulty in order to get a reward multiplier. Combined this reward multiplier with the video advertisement multiplier at the end of the stage, and you can end up earning a massive amount of coins just for winning one level.

Play the campaign missions in order to earn keys, which can then be used to unlock a chest. Chests take a long time to unlock, but you can speed them up with advertisement videos, gems, or simply by earning a chest before going to bed, so that you can wake up and have it ready to open.