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Inchy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Inchy is a frustrating new inchworm-simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. Your character is an inchworm, and your goal is simply to inch from branch to branch and score as many points as possible. That, of course, is almost impossible to do in this game as you have to time your moves just right in order to make it as far as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Inchy!

Concentration is first and foremost in this game. You will need to focus on where the nose of your worm is, and hit the screen right as the nose passes over the next branch. If you don’t wait until the nose hits the branch or you overshoot the branch, you’ll lose and you will have to start back over.

When the game says you will have a sexy surprise, a happy surprise, or some other kind of surprise waiting for you in X amount of turns, that means the amount of times playing the game, not the amount of points that you earn when you are playing. So whether you end up getting 80 points or just 1 point, it will always drop the countdown by just 1 turn.

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The surprise that the game has in store for you will always be more inchworms that you can use. In order to get these inchworms really quickly, all that you have to do is lose immediately every time that you play a turn. Then start actually playing to get a good score when you find the worm that you want to use in perpetuity.

All of the ads that tend to pop up as you play, can get really annoying sometimes. In order to get rid of them without having to pay any money, set your phone into airplane mode or shut off both the cellular data and the WiFi on your phone. Some kind of internet data is required in order to show the ads, but is not required for the entire rest of the game.

Turn your phone to the side or upside down while playing Inchy in order to get a new perspective. You might find that you do better when the worm is going left to right, right to left, or from top to bottom rather than from bottom to top. Or try holding the phone diagonally so that you can see the worm going in two directions at the same time instead of in just one direction.