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Pinchworm – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Pinchworm is a new iOS and Android game where you control an inchworm whose lover has been stolen by an evil bird. Your goal is to jump over rocks and dive under plants in order to go as far as you can and rack up a high score, as well as earning coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pinchworm!

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Pinch outwards with your fingers to cause your worm to dive down, and pinch inwards to make the worm dive upwards. If you do the wrong motion or you don’t do anything at all, you’ll run into the obstacle. Hit one obstacle and you’ll move to the left. Hit another and you’ll move even further to the left. Hit a third one and your run will end.

While it can be disconcerting to hit an obstacle, it can actually make it easier to be further to the left, because you will get far more warning time before you reach the next obstacle. Usually, most of your points will be earned after you get hit twice. However, don’t intentionally try to get hit just to make it easier.

You can earn coins in the middle of the game, but also, coins will sometimes appear in the wild after you die. In order to earn them, you have to watch a video, meaning that you have to have an internet connection for the offer to actually show up. Once you watch the video, you’ll earn the free coins.

The coins can buy you more worms. Almost all of the worms cost 99 coins apiece, or they can be bought via the in-app purchase store. Go to the shop to buy or equip new worms. Goldsworth is the only one who costs more than one that. He costs 999 coins or $9.99 in real-life money.

The four worms that you begin the game with will all play in the same world; however, any of the other worms will play in a different world. For example, Glowy’s world is black and white, and the plants and rocks will change appearance and become rounder. The world differs for every one of the worms for sale.