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Isekai: Slow Life – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Isekai: Slow Life is a popular new hybrid between a farming game, a city game, a dating game, and a mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a sentient mushroom whose job it is to run a city, which you can grow from small to big, collect friends, fellows, and family members to add to your town, as well as collect gold, crystals, and a nearly limitless amount of other upgrade materials.

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Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Isekai: Slow Life!

The most basic element of this game is the collection element. You can earn gold coins both passively and actively; every single building that you own earns you gold coins, while on the active side of things, your farmstead will earn you coins. each time that you tap your farmstead, you will earn coins, and you can tap as rapidly or as slowly as you want to in order to change the amount that you earn.

There are two ways to upgrade your farmstead and each of your buildings. The first is by hiring more employees, which will increase the amount of idle income that you earn from everything.

The next is upgrading each building to a different tier. To upgrade them to a whole different tier, you’re going to need gold, and you’re going to need different scrolls for each building, but each time that you upgrade each building, you will be able to hold a significant amount of employees more.

There are many different ways that you can decide to play the game. The simplest way is to follow the quests to a T. To do this, simply tap the quest at the bottom left area of the screen to have it automatically take you to where you’re supposed to go next in order to complete the mission. Then collect the reward and start again.

The other is to manually do everything yourself. There is a ton to explore in this game, so you can tend to your home and your farm, go to the stage in order to advance the story, or go to Drakenborg in order to find more fellows, take your family members out for a random date, and more. Four old school gamers, doing it yourself might be more satisfying.

Each time that you unlock a new fellow, be sure to give them a job to do. You will unlock more buildings as you move through stages, and for each new building, comes a new place for your fellow to work at. Upgrading buildings can allow them to hold more fellows, which will give them even bigger statistical and earning bonuses.

Be sure to host banquets often so that you can load up on banquet coins. Banquet coins allow you to load up on gifts for your family members, income boosters, stat boosters for your fellows, and a whole lot more. The more fellows and friends you have in the game, the more banquet coins you will earn each time.

In order to find a new family member, go to Drakenborg and go roaming often. You will encounter new people at random or you can choose who to encounter, and depending on what you can offer them and simply your luck, they may ask to become a family member in your household.

Tap on any button that has an orange dot next to it; the Orange dot means that there are free rewards for you to collect contained within, and the dot won’t go away until you collect everything. Also, be on the lookout for a red dot with an exclamation mark inside of it, because it means that the icon that it accompanies contains some sort of special event or opportunity to earn a reward.