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Dogs Sweetie (iOS) Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Dogs Sweetie is a new dog training game for the iPad and iPhone with a very awkward name (just try to say it out loud without tripping over it.) Despite the strange name and the bizarre translations, this game is one of the best pet rearing games in the history of the iOS system. The graphics are excellent, the list of things to do is long, and you can get all kinds of dogs, ranging from Labs to Schnauzers, even to fantasy dogs such as the Tiger Dogs.

You can go out and dominate the dog battles even before learning any new tricks besides “sit”. Start doing all of the beginning clothing quests (the blue hat, the cool glasses and the red shoes). Not only will you end up not losing any gold (since you get it all back from the quest rewards), but you will have more charm than most of the dogs that you see out on the street.

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Once you get that done, go out on the street and wait for a dog that has less clothing than your dog (less charm) to walk by, then tap it an enter into vs mode. The dog will have less charm than your dog due to having less clothing items on than your dog, therefore it will be really easy for your dog to win, usually.

In addition, the same way that you find dogs to battle, you can also use to find dogs to add as friends. Instead of hitting the vs button, simply hit the “visit” button, and then hit the add button on the left hand side of the screen to add therm. Once you add people, you can load up on coins and experience by visiting their houses, playing with the dogs and collecting from furniture.

Every time that you log back into the game, make sure to give food and water to your dog until its food and drink meters are full, then clean it until its clean meter is full, then pet it until its mood meter is full. Once you finish all four of these, you will get big rewards.