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My Army: Reloaded (iOS) Guide: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

My Army Reloaded is a new iPhone and iPod Touch endless runner game with a more unique theme than most in its genre. In this game you are a fire team who is storming a beach, trying to attack the enemy, liberate World War II-era territories (mostly) and rescue prisoners of war. The further you go, the more new territories that you liberate, and you die when you run out of soldiers.

One of the best ways to go an insanely long distance (but only when you are loaded with coins) is to buy the body armor power up, then to buy the 5X Gold power up. Play the stage and try to get as far in as you can. When you eventually get killed, instead of starting over, hire a medic to heal your entire team. When they’re revived, you’ll end up keeping both the body armor and the 5x gold.

When you aren’t going for distance, you can earn more coins by buying only the 5X gold, using your skills to get as far as you can, and collecting all of the gold that you can in the process. It takes awhile to get the initial 400 gold to recoup what you spent on the 5x gold powerup, but once you do, it’s easy to make a bigger profit than you otherwise would have without the multiplier.

Keep playing more and more to get promoted to new ranks in the game. Each time you get promoted to a new rank, you’ll earn army points quicker.

Each time that you cross a river, you will liberate a new territory. If you are about to cross a new river, but you die before you get there, then use a medic, because you’ll make that money back just from the bonus that you earn for liberating the territory.