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Don’t Touch The Spikes – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Don’t Touch The Spikes is a new Flappyesque platformer for the iOS. Your only goal in this game is simply to bounce off of the walls as many times as you can without dying. Of course, this gets tough because your bird starts moving faster and faster, the spikes that kill you become more and more numerous, and the safe space on the wall becomes smaller and smaller. Read on for some tips and tricks for Don’t Touch the Spikes!

In general, you should try to stick to hitting the largest safe areas possible on the wall. However, if you want to practice your jumping precision, hit the smallest flat areas instead – the ones that are only one or two spaces wide with spikes on either side. Practicing hitting these will make you more accurate, which will make it far easier to win once you’re on harder segments of the level.

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After some practice, then start bouncing off of the easy spaces. You’ll be shocked at how high you can run your score up before dying. At some point, the difficulty stops increasing, so all that is left to do is to focus on concentrating. Loss of concentration is the one thing that destroys almost every single gamer and causes bad losses.

Eventually, the scores will begin to get hacked and hacked scores will pop up all over Game Center, though that has not happened yet. When it does, you will know which ones are the real ones by how reasonable they seem. Scores in the millions are fake. Scores in the low 1,000s and high 900s are probably real.

Don’t get too frustrated while playing Don’t Touch The Spikes or your scores will continue to drop. If frustration overcomes you, then take a break from the game for about an hour and when you come back to it, you will find yourself making far higher scores than you had before.

Wanna play without the ads? Turn off the data in your phone or the 3G or LTE, or to do that easily, simply throw your phone into Airplane Mode and it will stop showing ads, since ads need an internet connection in order to actually load.

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