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Try Harder [adult swim] Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Try Harder is a new endless runner game by [adult swim], originally a browser game but now out as an iOS and Android release as well. This endless runner game rubs it in your face when you die, littering the running area with your corpses from every time that you die, but it makes beating your old high score that much more satisfying. Read on for some tips and tricks for Try Harder!

Use all of your different kind of jumps at the appropriate times in order to avoid all of the spikes and other obstacles. Hold the screen to jump higher, and tap the screen gently in order to jump more softly. Use all of your power up jumps as well. In the middle of the jump, hold the screen in order to float slowly back down to the earth rather than falling back down to the earth right away.

You can revive at the end of a level from where you left off by watching a free ad video rather than hitting the retry button. There is only a limited amount of times that you can do this, though, so use it when you have a really long run. Don’t waste it when you die in the middle of a short run.

Look for the double jump circles when the path is getting a little bit crowded with spikes. This looks like a little circle with an up arrow chevron inside of it. Jump again when you hit this circle and you will completely miss the spikes down on the ground and will run for a little bit longer. Keep an eye out for these so that you don’t die in a seemingly hopeless situation. Also, other little circles will give you power ups as well. Tap the screen again in midair in order to use any one of them.

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If you use up all of your revives, you will get more of them in five hours. If you want to skip the five hour timer, then all that you have to do is set the time ahead by five hours in the clock on your phone in order to skip it. If you set the time back to normal later on, the timer will still stay skipped, so you won’t have to have your phone at some insane time in order to do this as many times as you want.

Use all of your corpses to an advantage. When your character dies, the board that he is holding will be facing straight up, so next time you run, you can run on the board or bounce on it as a way to get around the spikes on the ground. So the more you die, the easier the game becomes, literally.